Matt Cutts Explains Authority v/s Popularity of a Site

Matt Cutts Explains Authority v/s Popularity of a Site

Authorship v/s Popularity

In the recent interesting video released on Google Webmaster Youtube channel, Matt Cutts (head of Google’s web-spam team) answers the question –

As Google continues to add social signal to the algorithm, how do you separate simple popularity from true authority? – Asked by AJ Khon

Matt Cutts skipped the first part of the question about social signals and answered the question, “How does Google separate popularity from authority?”

Authorship v/s Popularity

He discussed ‘site topical authority’ than ‘author topical authority’. [Means it’s about website/domain authority and page authority, don’t get confused it is not about authorship]

Authority & Popularity are different things. Matt Cutts explains with the example of porn and government sites. Porn sites are popular but government sites are authoritative.

Government sites gain authority via back-links, even though people don’t visit govt. sites but they link to them, whereas people don’t like to link porn sites. [Popularity is not the measure of Page Rank or organic rank]

Popularity in some senses is the measure of, where people go whereas PageRank is much more of repetition, repetition of where people link.

Anchor texts are mentioned here as the pointer to topical site authority. [Want to rank for key-phrases? build links 🙂 around them]

Cyrus Shepard from Moz, suggests that Google is planning to incorporate better authority and relevance based on identity, semantic analysis, and other unknown factors.

Final Takeaways via Cyrus Shepard –

  1. Become an authority
  2. Establish real people as authors
  3. Publish regularly on particular subjects
  4. Make the meaning of your content clear to Google using A. Good site architecture and B. best semantic practices
  5. Actively promote your content through influences and influential channels

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