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Are You excited about learning SEO?

This Classroom SEO Course (in Jaipur) will help you to learn and understand latest best practices after Google Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, and all latest Google algorithm updates. {These algorithm updates shakes the SEO world. If you're a fresher just ignore them.}

Who can Join SEO Course?

People often ask such questions –

  • I am an under graduate, can I learn SEO?
  • I don’t have knowledge of web designing and coding, can I Join SEO courses?
  • I am a house-wife, should I learn SEO?
  • I am a business owner, have website but don’t have time to do SEO work, Should I learn SEO?
  • I can’t go out to do a job, can learning SEO, get me some work at home?

The answer needs some common-sense.

  1. Every website owner wants to show up high in search engines to gain more and more traffic to reach maximum number of audience, and that’s where they need an SEO expert.
  2. SEO does not require any programming skills or specific technical knowledge; it demands regular involvement and experience.
  3. With millions of websites and many launching per day, competition is fierce to achieve a position in top 10 SERP results, therefore the need for SEO expert will increase tremendously.

So judge yourself, if learning SEO can help you? if yes, then in what manner? But in my view

Anyone or Everyone having or would be having relation with internet to promote oneself, business, products or services, can/must learn Search Engine Optimization best practices.

What would you learn in this SEO Course?

SEO is a vast and ever changing field. What is effective today, may not be working tomorrow. SEO can be mastered by learning the basic core rules which are stable and will not change ever. Below are some topics out of our SEO Course in Jaipur.

Getting Started with SEO

  • Understanding how search engine works?
  • How do search engine rank web pages?
  • What actually SEO is?

Keryword Phrases - the Cornerstone of an SEO Program

  • Understanding the concept of keywords
  • Introducing keywrod phrases
  • The keyword rearch process
  • Determining competitiveness of keywrod phrase

Search-Friendly Website Architecture

  • what site architecture means to SEO
  • Domain name
  • Domain Age
  • Url - static, dynamic & SEO friendly

On-page Optimization

  • Understanding Meta tags
  • Webpage accecibility issues
  • HTML tag optimization
  • Writing effecitve title tags
  • Writing meta-description tags

Effective Content writing

  • What is good about content?
  • Content writing strategies
  • SEO content optimization
  • Content structuring

Link Popularity and PageRank

  • Understanding link popularity
  • What is Google PageRank
  • Best ways to get links
  • Link bait

Website performance and Server issues

  • Hosting issues
  • IP issues
  • Domain name issues
  • Performance Optimization best practices

Measuring the Success

  • Why rankings are a poor measure of success
  • Conversions and setting up goals
  • Decision making via analyzing traffic data

Tools for management decisions

  • Google Webmasters
  • Google Analytics

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • How it works in conjunction with SEO

Introduction to Google Adwords

  • CPC and CPM ad model
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Basics of Adwords

Overall SEO Strategy

  • Additional Resources & Tools
  • Reviewing top techniques for SEO success

This course is not limited to above topics only, but covers several day-to-day techniques that comes through real world experience of our trainer. (He's working with clients and managing SEO projects of real world)

Duration and Fees

Duration : This is the part of 3 months DMC (Digital Marketing Certification) Course
Fees : Call 8502-002-002 or

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