11 SEO Link Building Tips

11 SEO Link Building Tips
Are you fed up of link building efforts but not working anymore? Have you built lots for backlinks to increase your website traffic? Have you implemented every search engine optimization technique you know, but failed to get desired results? Take the next step and use these 11 SEO link building tips that work.

Are you fed up of link building efforts but not working anymore?

Have you built lots for backlinks to increase your website traffic? Have you implemented every search engine optimization (SEO) technique you know, but failed to get desired results?

Look forward and try these 11 SEO link building tips that work to get greater link juice from every link you build.

What is Link Building?

Link building is an effort of creating links that point to a web page in order to promote that website and achieve higher rankings in SERP’s.

As an SEO, link building is among the most important tasks to be performed for search rankings and desired traffic flow towards the website.

Links are the most prominent part of the internet, the internet is none without hyperlinks. For search engines, links are the hooks to reach new web pages and via links, search engines can analyze the popularity, trust, authority and even spam of a website and page. High-quality authority sites link to other trustworthy sites, while sites with swallowing content receive very few links from trusted sources.

How does Link Building Important in SEO?

Link building is the primary Off page SEO that you can do to rank your website higher after working on the On Page SEO correctly. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks are the key factor in the way Search Engine like Google value a web page (web site). Backlinks are considered as electronic votes (weighted-value) in favor of a website for specific keywords, but the quality of these backlinks matters the most. No matters, how many back links you create but how many quality backlinks you earn that counts. It’s not just the number game.

Search Engines consider many factors when determining the weighted-value of a backlink.

  1. Relevance – The degree of relationship between the linking page content and the pointing site. Links from topical authorities are very powerful and imparts authority to the linking domain also. Say, a link from business news site very beneficial to a website offering financial management services.
  2. Domain Authority – It is a measure of the importance of a link. There is no defined metric that decides domain authority. It takes a number of aspects like Domain Age, Its content, and popularity, Social Popularity, Number of Ranking Keywords, Number of Backlinks, Quality of Traffic, Google Page Rank, etc. Don’t confuse Authority with Popularity, read the linked article for the better understanding

How to Gain Backlinks?

No Website owners and webmasters should ever participate in backlink-building easy-to-go schemes or other easy-to-get shady methods since these are severely penalized and frowned upon by Google.

Link Bait, is a proven and the fastest method for exponential growth of your link profile. Developing a website that has compelling content causing others to link/share it naturally is called link bait. These organic backlinks built, whether coming from social sites or other websites show a major impact on sites SERP ranking.

As long as the source of backlink is legitimate and closely relevant, backlinks provide immense value to target website as higher PR and Rankings.

building backlinks

The following 11 SEO Link Building Tips will help you to earn the most out of each link you build:

1. Backlinks from Different Domains but the Same Shared IP may give a bad signal to Google

Try to gain links from Unique Domains with Unique Class C IP.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s contrary to the above point where I advocate to gain links from unique domains. But beware of link farms, You must check hosted IPs of the domains (especially when it’s not having more than 5/6 PR). You must keep yourself away from such websites which are hosted on the same IP address, it may be considered as spam activity. You might find numerous Social Bookmarking Sites or Directory Submission Sites hosted on the same server and created just for backlinking.

2. Follow the Anchor text Optimization Strategy for natural looking backlinks

Natural looking backlink profile is going to have the following symptoms:

  • Use a good portion of Brand Name, URL, Brand Keyword anchor text, don’t just focus on exact match keywords
  • Use exact match keywords strategically, link with long tail keyword modifiers. Phrases and random anchor texts show up in most natural anchor text profiles. Link Text (anchor text) should contain a variety of text, sometimes keywords or even the URL
  • Use a large variety of different anchor texts i.e. Naturally Occurring Text

It should be kept in mind that having many backlinks with the exact same keyword, May wakes up Google Panda to eat up your efforts and trigger automated filters/Google Penalty.

The html code for an actual backlink looks like this, where the words “Text Link” being the words that can be clicked on:

3. Understanding External v/s Internal links

Backlinks from external websites give more value to the destination page than the internal links. 

A strong internal link structure of a website strengthens it in terms for user as well as spider experience. Connecting all the pages within the site to one another with relevant key phrases increases retention and lowers the bounce rate of a site and hence increases its trust rank.

But, the backlinks from external websites give more value to the destination page than the internal links. Backlinks from the closely relevant content page of another website with high reputation do wonders in gaining Google ranks.

4. First come first – Keep the link early in the HTML code

Links pass value to the linked web page and early the backlink appears in the HTML, the more value it gives to the destination page. A web page linked within the first few words of the page content is given more value than the others.

5. Place backlinks within the content of the page.

Side wide links have lesser value than the backlinks within the content of the page. Footer links are totally diminished by Google in new Penguin Updates.

Build Backlinks from within the Content

6. Back links from pages with few external links give the destination page more value

If a website has lots of external links on a single page, it might look as spammy, and the value of each backlink from this page is diminished. Quality over Quantity plays a vital role.  It is always best to only include highly relevant links that give value to the content available on the page.

7. Backlinks from different domains matter more than the multiple backlinks from the same domain

Backlinks from a variety of domains that are relevant to a website’s content is one key to long term SERP rankings.

You know, A website already linking to your website adds lesser value than a link from a new domain which never linked you before. Backlinks from a unique domain (new domain) matter more that a new backlink from an already linking domain. [Keeping domain authority factor same]

8. Links from the relevant websites pass a lot of link juice value

The relevancy of the linking site to the target site’s content (subject) matters the most.

Suppose you have a blog site about digital devices and computers and you get a backlink (he might be your friend) from a florist website, it will not provide a related backlink. While, on the other hand if you get a backlink from a computer peripheral website, it would provide immense profit to your link profile and add value to your rankings.

9. Backlinks from reputable trusted sites work as gold mines & are your real assets

Backlinks from trusted, reputable sites pass more link juice to the destination site.

Not only the relevancy but the site’s reputation, domain authority, trust rank, social rank determines the backlink power. Backlinks from trusted, famous and reputable sites pass more link juice to the destination site than the non-trusted/less-trusted sites.

Suppose you’re featured on Yahoo and got back link, it would be more powerful than 100s of backlinks created by you elsewhere. And the only way to win it; is to do outstanding content development work on your website.

10. Understand dofollow v/s nofollow v/s hidden links

A dofollow anchor text link is a kind of direct vote in favor of destination website.

Nofollow attribute was suggested by Google to stop blog comment spam. It’s a misconception that nofollow backlinks have no value in Google SERPs, but the actual fact is, that nofollow attribute guide crawler (google bot/spider), not to pass link juice (PR). But nofollow links are widely used by Social networks like Facebook, which matters most in creating website’s Social and the Trust Rank.

Dofollow Backlinking

It should not get confused, nofollow links from trusted and reputable site works as traffic as well as the rank gainer.

If there is no rel attribute in anchor text, it’s a dofollow link. A Dofollow anchor text link is a kind of direct vote in favor of destination website and no-doubt it matters the most. SEO’s keep on hunting for dofollow high PR back link opportunities since it is a master card for higher rankings.

Hidden links or redirect links are the links which are kept hidden into Java-scripts. URL shorting services widely use this method and this is also another kind of nofollow backlink.

11. Having a quantity of quality backlinks makes you dominant in your niche

Having numerous quality backlinks from relevant and trusted webpages, is the key to increase the rank of your website in search results.

Backlinks are the real assets of a website and it is earned by hard work, determination and smart techniques. Having a quality link profile impacts your online success.

Bonus : Don’t build links too fast

Fast Link Building

Yes, I mean what I say. Don’t build links too fast. You’ve got everything I pointed out above, and now you’re excited and want success as soon as possible. You want to make money, and produce business by gaining higher search engine rankings fast.

But ask yourself, would you be making the same efforts for the next 6 months consistently on your website, if yes, I wish you all the best for your next endeavor. But if not, it’s a red signal, pause and plan either you’ll be ended with negative SEO of your website.

Making it consistent effort, and taking a steady and sustainable approach is the winning ex-factor.


Successful Off Page SEO Link Building practice is a matter of implementing the above 11 SEO Link Building Tips and working smarter rather than harder.

So wisely build your backlink profile for higher rewards. You’re going to make mistakes and it’s going to be painful – but if you can draw lessons from your experiences, you’ll ultimately wind up more successful than you’ve dreamed of. To learn more about SEO link building, you can also join our digital marketing institute in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

All the best 🙂

I would love to listen and learn from your experiences. What are your lessons and suggestions in link-building practices? Let’s discuss this below in the comments section.

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