Digital Marketing Course After 12th - Here's Why You Should Do It !

So, you are at the end of your School journey, messing around with the confusion of courses and decisions which can change your life. Engineering, Medical what to choose? To bust the confusion we will introduce you today to the digital marketing course after the 12th. 

Students often ask us, Can I do a Digital Marketing Course After 12th? And the answer is YES!! You Can and you can also have an early bird advantage in this booming field!

As far we know about 12th students, the current generation believes in doing something unique. Some like writing, some have a passion for knowing all about technology, some love designing and some also have a great idea about Youtube Channel, some want to start their own startup. The problem is, they don’ find a platform for this, and obviously, parents won’t let you go for making a Youtube Channel, they are not going to spend money for your raw startup, or will they??

What if I tell you there exists such a course where you can fulfill your desire without affecting your future.

We are talking about Digital Marketing guys! Yes, it is the latest, unique and worthy course after 12th which is far different from your usual course but heading towards a wonderful and bright future.

Let’s know about it more!

What is Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing Course After 12th?

Digital Marketing is the art of getting customers/ users through online and digital mediums or can say it is an online marketing that uses only Digital Mediums for any marketing.
How can it benefit your passion? Well, of course, it can! You like writing, start your own blog using Online Marketing tactics, you must have heard about BuzzFeed and many such platforms, they have also started like this. Flipkart and Amazon, who can forget their journey, are at this place because of Digital Marketing. Show your talent of talking, singing, and dancing through Youtube and enhance your channel using Digital Media tactics. Still, thinking how is it beneficial? It is no doubt the best computer course after 12th class to pursue science, commerce and art students!

Digital Marketing Vertices

A Digital Marketing Course includes various vertices in which you choose lucrative opportunities such as-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing and many more.

Why Digital Marketing is a Promising Career?

If we talk about 20-30 years ago, people had some limited source of getting content such as TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio, right?
Today, people spend more time on Facebook, they get news online.
Instead of watching TV, they like to watch videos on YouTube and read online blogs in place of the newspaper. Even you people study from online blogs and Youtube videos. right?
This is because this era is all about Digital Marketing. Everybody loves Digital media and has been addicted to this and this is why Digital Marketing has become so much important.

Digital Marketing Jobs Opportunities in India

Perhaps you don’t know but there are lots of digital marketing job opportunities in India, because-

  • Digital marketing is a new field.
  • Almost every type of company needs Digital Marketers.
  • There will be more than 4 lakh jobs in Digital Marketing in the upcoming time.
  • In India, there are not many digital marketers in the market yet.
  • Today Digital Marketing jobs are given the highest Pay amount.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

Digital Marketing salary in India is quite good even for freshers. Also, if you have any experience in the Digital Marketing field, you can get a handsome amount of salary as well.

  • For freshers, salary in Digital Marketing is 3.6 lakh per year and sometimes this amount is Rs.4.5 to 5 lakh per year.
  • If you have 5 to 10 years of experience in this field, then the salary ranges from Rs. 12 to 20 lakh per annum.
  • If you have 10+ years of experience then you can get 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs a year can be obtained.

Where to do a Digital Marketing Course after 12th?

There are various online channels that provide free tutorials in Digital Marketing. However, problems arise when you face a problem in practical learning. Some of the institutes also have taken advantage of this course and priced their courses so high that only some of the students can afford it.
Take care of this and choose the best Digital Marketing Institute which can get you every detail about Digital Marketing. If you wish to carry out your career in this field, you can join Quibus Training which is considered the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur and have successfully completed multiple batches of Digital Marketing learning. Quibus Provide the best Digital Marketing Course at an affordable cost, you can also visit Quibus at-
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Know the Digital Marketing Syllabus Before Joining the Course

It is the most important thing to know about Digital Marketing. You must note down what you are going to learn or what should a Digital Marketing Institute should teach you in its course. The Digital Marketing Syllabus must include-

  1. Digital Marketing Basics
  2. OE Model & Technical Basics
  3. Website Planning, Creation, and Hosting like a Pro
  4. Marketing Planning Framework (4P Model)
  5. Advance OnPage SEO, Offpage SEO & Link-Building
  6. Google My Business & Local SEO
  7. Content Planning, Writing, & Marketing.
  8. Email Marketing & Automation
  9. Google Webmasters
  10. Google Adwords
  11. Managing & Growing Facebook Pages
  12. Facebook Advertising
  13. ReMarketing & ReTargeting
  14. Google Analytics – Data Science
  15. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
  16. Blogging and Google Adsense
  17. How to Build, Grow, & Earn via YouTube Channel
  18. Ads Designing for Online Marketing

Hope you have learned various things about the Digital marketing course after the 12th and liked the field as well. Digital Marketing is actually a need of the current world. You can have the benefit of being an early bird if you do the digital marketing course after the 12th. If you know it now and start learning it, you can be the most demanded person in the coming years. 

If you got any queries regarding this course, feel free to ask us. Comment your queries in the comment section below and we would be happy to answer your query. All The Best!