Career in Digital Marketing in 2024 (With Job Roles & Salaries)

Career in Digital Marketing in India- Full Guide 2024

A career in digital marketing in India is highly promising due to the expanding digital landscape of the country. With increasing internet use, there’s a growing demand for skilled professionals across industries. Digital marketing offers diverse roles, remote work options, and competitive salaries. It also provides opportunities to work with global clients through digital agencies which is attracting students to build a career in this field.

If you are also thinking of a career in digital marketing then here is a complete guide for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore digital marketing career opportunities, scope, and growth. This will help you decide whether you should opt for a digital marketing career or not.

“According to the IAMAI-Kantar Cube report, by 2025, 900 million Indians (indicating a growth of 45% as compared to last year) are expected to use the internet daily. In this situation, every brand needs a digital marketing professional. This opened a great career opportunity for digital marketers.

Secondly, a higher number of people prefer Internet companies over traditional retailers, 90% of Indian brands spend more than 15% of their marketing budget on Digital Marketing. We hope this data is enough for you to understand the immense opportunity in choosing Digital Marketing as a career in India.

How to build successful career in digital marketing starting as fresher? (In Hindi)

Many questions come to our mind when we think of a career in digital marketing:-

  1. How to start a digital marketing career
  2. What are the different verticals/fields I can enter?
  3. How much is the pay scale?
  4. Why a digital marketing career?
  5. What is the career growth in digital marketing?

Through this blog, we will try to answer all your queries and by the end of this blog, we promise you’ll be one step closer to making the right career choice.

What is Digital Marketing?

what is digital markrting

For people who do not understand digital marketing, Digital Marketing is a process of marketing products or services with the help of digital channels & mediums to increase customer awareness of your products or services & turn them into customers, and retain them when required.

Introduction to a Career in Digital Marketing

Before we deep dive into the blog below, let’s understand the career opportunities of digital marketing for new people, why it is gaining so much popularity these days & what is career growth in the field of digital marketing in India.

Let’s jump into the blog below to learn how digital marketing works, the career scope of digital marketing in India, why it is so important in the current time, and the career opportunities you can grab in this lucrative field.

Demand of Digital Marketing Jobs in India

The internet penetration in India is the highest, leaving behind countries like the US & UK. Hence, I believe in the demand & supply business model. If there is an increase in demand then there should be enough supply also for fulfilling the demand. So, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketers but the supply is not that enough at this time in India. Moreover, I am not telling this just by assumptions, but by observing the numbers shown on popular platforms such as LinkedIn & Naukri.

Look at the image below. I have just searched for a single term “digital marketing” and there are 16,000 + digital marketing jobs available in India.


Below, is the snippet from the famous Indian Job portal Naukri, which states the current job availability statistics in India’s digital marketing.


These figures combined are certainly huge, which indicates that the need for digital marketers is great in India. Also, all these jobs that are shown in the images are just from 2 portals, Naukri & LinkedIn. You can imagine and think about the number of job opportunities that exist all over India in the digital marketing field.

Future of Digital Marketing Career Growth in India

  • The government of India is making policies like Digital India and startups. This is giving a boost to digital marketing jobs.
  • As per the report published by IMRB – ‘Online advertising market in India is increasing by 30% year on year’
  • The digital marketing industry is expected to generate more than 9 Lakh jobs in the year 2024.
  • Almost every company present or live, needs digital media to sell, promote, or generate leads.
  • There is a wide range of opportunities in Digital Marketing, such as SEO Analyst, Content Writer, social media manager, etc. And hence, digital marketing is the only field with multiple career options.
  • Over the last few years, Digital Marketing in India has witnessed exponential growth, and by the end of the year 2024, it is expected to generate over 8 Lac jobs per year.
  • Digital Marketing in India has also witnessed growth in market size of around 30.3% reaching USD 5,118.55 million in 2023, it is projected to become a USD 55,372.78 million industry by 2032. It indicates the massive growth in the digital marketing sector as shown in the below image.
  • It means a lot of businesses are putting money into digital marketing as compared to previous years & when we talk about the scope of digital marketing in India, first, you have to understand that through digital mediums and channels, you can market your products or services effectively across the globe from sitting anywhere in the world. And you will be able to target a larger global audience at an affordable cost.
  • Moreover, with digital marketing, you have the option to choose only those audiences who are your potential target audience & you can run remarketing ads for those audiences who had previously shown interest in your product and services in your previous ads. That is why businesses and marketers are shifting towards digital marketing.

Marketing Guru Philip Kotler once said

“Market your product service at the place where the customer is looking for or available”

In today’s digital era, each and everyone is on the internet irrespective of gender, age, or location. And a company or marketer cannot ignore these users. Hence, a Career in Digital Marketing in India is gaining relevance. Therefore, it is safe to tell you that the growth potential of a digital marketing career is very promising in India. And this is the right time to start your career in this lucrative field.

Some facts that will make you believe that a Digital Marketing career is one of the growing and lucrative options:-

  • Internet traffic will grow at an annual compound growth rate of 32%
  • According to a Google and KPMG report (April 2017), titled ‘Indian Languages- Defining India’s Internet’, 9 out of every 10 new Internet users in India are likely to be regional language users over the next five years.
  • The local Indian language user is estimated to grow at CAGR touching around 900 million by 2025.
  • With the government supporting ‘Digital India’ & Indian startups more and more jobs would be created for people in the field of Digital marketing.

Top 13 Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India

Here is a list of the top 10 career opportunities in digital marketing in India. We have also included the salary of every job profile so that you can make the right career choice as per your interest and the scope of that career option.

Sr No.Digital Marketing Job ProfileSalary (per annum)
1Digital Marketing ManagerRs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 12,00,000
2Web Developer & Web DesignerRs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000
3Search Engine Optimization Analyst/ExpertRs. 2,20,000 – Rs. 8,00,000
4Social Media Executive or Social Media ManagerRs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 12,00,000
5Search Engine Marketing SEM or PPC ExpertRs. 2,50,000 – Rs. 6,00,000
6Content Writer & Content MarketerRs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 13,00,000
7Email MarketerRs. 3,80,000 – Rs. 5,30,000
8Video ProducerRs. 500,000 – Rs. 600,000
9CopywriterRs. 400,000 – Rs. 500,000
10Performance MarketerRs. 2,20,000 – Rs. 700,000
11Product MarketerRs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 32,00,000
12Automation ExpertRs. 3,50,000 – Rs. 17,00,000
13Data AnalystRs. 1,80,000 – Rs. 7,50,000

The Digital Marketing career path provides various opportunities. If you love coding, you can go for web designing or you can live your love of writing by becoming a content writer. The other common digital marketing career verticals are – SEO Analyst, Social Media Manager, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, etc.

You can even work as a freelancer on a project basis or become an entrepreneur or can even make a career in Digital Marketing in India if you are an expert in some regional language, as marketing in rural areas and through local languages is thriving.

Let us take you through the most common profiles available in Digital Marketing Careers in India:-

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for taking care of the overall digital presence of a brand, devising strategies, generating traffic, leveraging every digital channel for promoting the business/service for fulfilling the Goal of increasing traffic & sales with optimized marketing costs, supervising all the different profiles, etc. are some important tasks of a digital marketing manager, And reporting to the VP or head of digital marketing of a company.

In short, they are the boss of a company’s digital marketing department or the head of a digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Manager must have at least 5+ years of experience & specific certifications to reach this position which is the Goal of every professional making a digital marketing Career in India.

Average Salary of Digital Marketing Manager in India ( Rs. 6,60,000) per annum.

2. Web Developer & Web Designer

Web Developer & Web Designer

A web developer or web designer is responsible for coding, designing, and maintaining websites. In other words, you can say that these are the people behind those fantastic web pages you browse on the internet.

Prior Knowledge of languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, and CMS like WordPress and Magento is required. You can work as a freelancer or on a project basis.

Average Salary of Web Developer & Web Designer in India (Rs. 5,40,000) per annum.

3. Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert

Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert

SEO people are the ones who are responsible for getting traffic to the website by improving the Google search rankings of your website. They make sure that your webpage is optimized according to search engines’ web and are mobile-friendly & free from crawling issues.

Moreover, Search engines update their SEO algorithms daily. One needs to keep themselves updated with the latest trends & new changes in search engine optimization algorithms to achieve good results.

You can work as a freelancer and can also undertake online assignments. SEO is the best career option for people aspiring to a good digital marketing career in India.

Average Salary of a Search Engine Optimization Analyst/Expert in India (Rs. 4,00,000) per annum.

4. Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager

Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketer is responsible for handling the digital presence of business across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for a business/service or agency.

The Social Media Marketer’s role includes developing a social media strategy, creating content according to the strategy & distributing it on social media platforms, and optimizing some of the KPIs such as Engagement rate, Impression, and reach.

They closely follow social media and note social media trends. Coordinating with the content & graphics team are some regular tasks of their work.

The only requirement for this profile is good Knowledge of social media platforms and a creative bent of mind.

Average Salary of a Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager in India (Rs. 4,50,000) per annum.

5. Search Engine Marketing SEM or PPC Expert

Search Engine Marketing SEM or PPC Expert

Search Engine Marketing Specialists or PPC Expert work includes displaying paid ads across search engines & display networks. Also, These people are responsible for showing useful or irrelevant ads to you.

These profiles are in huge demand as they generate many leads for a business.

The primary responsibilities of the PPC Expert job role include:

  • Keyword research for ad copies.
  • Managing ad groups.
  • Optimizing landing pages.
  • Generating analytics & reports and coordinating with the creative team for ad copies & graphics.

SEM is a good digital marketing career option for those who have an analytical mind.

Average Salary of a Search Engine Marketing SEM or PPC Expert in India (Rs. 5,20,000) per annum.

6. Content Writer & Content Marketer

Content Writer & Content Marketer

If you have a knack for writing, then the content writer is the best-suited profile for you in a digital marketing career in India. Remember writing for the web is different from your essay writing or book writing.

A Content Marketer is a person who is responsible for creating optimized and trending content & managing such as blogs, videos, email newsletters, social media content, PR, copywriting, guest posts, coordinating with the SEO team, keyword research, etc.

You can also work as a freelancer or on a project basis.

This profile is hot as the need for content has increased drastically.

The only requirement for this profile is a good command of language and creativity in the thought process.

Average Salary of Content Marketer in India (Rs. 6,30,000) per annum.

There are a few other profiles also depending on a person’s skill & interest and the organization’s requirements:-

  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Performance marketer

7. Email Marketer

Email Marketer

The email marketing manager is the person who is entitled to plan and execute email marketing campaigns, create newsletters, manage subscribers database, and analyze campaign performance.

The roles or duties of an Email marketing manager are campaign planning, content creation, designing and implementing email campaigns, list management, template optimization for mobile devices, tracking, and analysis, managing databases, and last but not least, staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

Average Salary of Email Marketer in India (Rs. 4,00,000) per annum.

8. Video Producer

Video Producer

A video producer is a skilled individual who takes charge of and supervises the entire journey of crafting a video production, from the initial idea to its final realization. Their responsibilities include collaborating closely with clients, creative teams, and crew personnel to ensure the successful completion of video projects.

The responsibilities of a Video Producer are:

  • Content creation and development
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Production management
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing

Average Salary of Video Producer in India (Rs. 5,40,000) per annum.

9. Copywriter


As a copywriter, a crucial aspect of your role involves crafting captivating and persuasive written content for various platforms. Platforms like advertisements, websites, social media channels, email campaigns, brochures, etc.

The objective is to effectively convey the essential concepts and advantages of a particular product, service, or brand to the intended audience. The responsibilities of a copywriter are Producing engaging content, doing keyword research, and proofreading.

Average Salary of a Copywriter in India (Rs. 4,20,000) per annum.

10. Performance Marketer

Performance Marketer

A Performance Marketing Manager is a professional supervising and implementing marketing plans focused on measurable outcomes and return on investment (ROI). To promote targeted visitors and conversions, they collaborate closely with numerous digital marketing channels such as paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

Responsibilities of a Performance marketer manager:

  • Create and execute marketing strategy plans.
  • Manage and Develop remarketing campaigns.
  • Manages budget and campaigns across all platforms.
  • Performance marketer is entitled to the successful running of campaigns.
  • Optimize campaigns for KPIs.

Average Salary of a Performance Marketing Manager in India (Rs. 5,80,000) per annum.

11. Product Marketer

Product Marketing Manager

Your work as a Product Marketing Manager requires establishing and implementing marketing strategies to promote and drive the success of a certain product or product range.

Primary responsibilities of a Product Marketer:

  • Conducting thorough market research
  • Identifying target audience
  • Developing market strategy
  • Content creation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product launch
  • Customer feedback

Average Salary of a Performance Marketing Manager in India (Rs. 10,00,000) per annum.

12. Automation Expert

 automation expert

An automation expert is a person who specializes in leveraging automated tools and technologies to optimize and streamline marketing campaigns.

Responsibilities of an automation expert include creating, executing, and supervising automated workflows for tasks like email marketing, scheduling social media posts, managing ad campaigns, and analyzing data.

Using automation, these experts boost marketing efforts’ efficiency, accuracy, and scalability while enabling teams to dedicate their time to planning and creative endeavors.

Average Salary of a Performance Automation Expert in India (Rs. 8,00,000) per annum.

13. Data Analyst

Data Analyst

A data analyst in the marketing field holds a position in decoding and analyzing extensive data. The primary objective of a data analyst person is to extract insights regarding consumer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends.

They closely evaluate metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and social media involvement to guide decision-making and improve marketing strategies. By transforming data into recommendations, data analysts empower marketing teams to make well-informed choices, enhance their targeting efforts, and achieve higher returns on investment.

Average Salary of a Performance Data Analyst in India (Rs. 3,50,000) per annum.

Why Choose a Digital Marketing Career in India?

In the ever-changing landscape of today’s world, a profession in digital marketing presents an outstanding chance for personal and financial growth. This industry has revolutionized how businesses engage with their target audiences, making it a vital skill set for professionals in diverse fields.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of a career in digital marketing:

1. Digital Marketing offers Constant Creativity

You won’t be disappointed with a career in digital marketing because digital marketing enables constant creation and creativity.

The digital marketing industry thrives with new ideas, creative campaigns, and innovative strategies. Whether you’re crafting engaging content or developing groundbreaking social media initiatives, each day offers a chance to showcase your creative talents.

2. The Dynamic and Learning Nature of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes a range of skills, such as improving search engine rankings (SEO), creating content, managing email campaigns, and analyzing data. As you explore these aspects, you’ll constantly be refining your abilities. This dedication to growth enhances your expertise and establishes you as a valuable asset to any company.

3. Among the Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs

Regarding job opportunities, digital marketing stands out as a field. With the growth of the landscape, companies are actively searching for talented individuals who can navigate this complicated terrain. As a result, digital marketing positions consistently rank high among career options with expected stability in the term.

4. Exponential Career Growth

Digital Marketing Career is expected to rise exponentially as reflected by the following data:

  • Digital India – campaign by PM Modi aims at encouraging digital platforms
  • By 2025 there will be more than 900 million active Internet users in India.
  • By the end of 2024, every company has to be present on the digital platform, and for this, the company will need experts.

One thing is for sure; Digital marketing is a growing arena. Every company is it an MNC like Unilever a unicorn startup like Flipkart, or a local neighborhood store, needs Digital Marketing. For all who aspire to become digital marketers, the good news is the industry is still very young and has tremendous growth opportunities. But, there is a huge gap between demand and supply.

And hence, my friend, if you are planning to make a career in Digital Marketing, don’t think much, this is the right time for you to jump and sail in this ocean of opportunities. If you’re still confused read our blog on Benefits of Digital Marketing Course.

Who Should Choose a Digital Marketing Career in India?

When a person thinks about choosing a digital marketing career path, It is very natural to get confused & stuck due to the various options to choose from under the vast umbrella of digital marketing.

  • If you like to engage with people and communities on social media platforms, you can choose Social Media Marketing as a career.
  • Or, If you’re someone who loves to do coding, you may become a web developer.
  • Those who love to write about any topic or like content writing can select content writing as their career.
  • People who love to design something or are interested in graphics can become graphics designers.
  • And people who enjoy the analytical part can become Data Analysts, which is one of the enriching careers in Digital Marketing.

Moreover, digital marketing is a dynamic field. So, you’re expected to learn & improve yourself constantly, and you have to update yourself regularly with all the latest technologies and trends in the market. Being open-minded & prescient can add a bonus to your career.

So, If you’re willing to learn what it takes to be a digital marketer, you’re an excellent fit for a digital marketing career.

How Can You Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

The first and foremost thing that you should throw out of your mind is that Digital Marketing doesn’t require any special degree or a specific graduation background.

But, a brief knowledge of digital marketing and how the industry operates is very much required. Numerous companies are offering online & offline digital marketing long-term & short-term courses. Choose the right digital marketing course per your needs, time & budget.

We strictly advise you all to go for a classroom training program. It’s best to learn from day-to-day hands-on experience.

Digital marketing is a good career option, and if you are willing to start a career in this field, then you can start by following these 3 steps.

1) Enroll in a Digital Marketing Course

We suggest you enroll in a digital marketing course. Learning everything on your own is the best time-killing strategy. A smart person learns from others’ experiences, so become smart & enroll in a digital marketing course.

2) Start your website

After completing your digital marketing course, it is time to apply the knowledge that you have received. Start by building your website and applying all the practical knowledge you have received.
Applying digital marketing concepts in the real world will help you gain more experience. After setting up your website now, your next goal should be to rank it on the first page this process usually takes time, so keep hope and keep trying.
Practical experience and a successful website can help you get a job quickly.

3) Go for an Internship

After completing the course, we suggest you go for a digital marketing internship. You can go for both remote or work-from-office internships. Office internships are better than remote because they allow you to learn from other peers.

4) Do a Job/Start Your Business

After the internship, you will have a good understanding of digital marketing. Now you can start your own business or go into the job market. It is your call what you want to do, job or business. So these are the three ways. By following these, you can start a good career in digital marketing.

5) Keep Yourself Updated

As told above, whatever you have learned will work for you, but it’s not enough for your life. You have to learn at every step. Keeping yourself updated while doing a job, freelancing, and startup is one of the most important things.

Specialization in Digital Marketing

Today’s marketing no longer relies on television ads and printed materials. The techniques of marketing have evolved. With the evolution of technology and widespread use of the internet, a new marketing era has emerged.
Now, marketing focuses on engaging audiences through mobile devices, social media platforms, email marketing, and more.
Digital marketing is not a tiny term. It is a broad term. Let’s take a look at areas where digital marketing is involved.

  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Brand Management
  • Blogging
  • E-Commerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Curation and Content Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Web Designing and Web Development
  • Editing and Copywriting

These are the areas that are covered in digital marketing. You do not need to master all of them. But for a flourishing career, you need to master at least two of them.

What are Some In-Demand Skills to Make a Great Career in Digital Marketing?

According to statistics, 93% of online searches and interactions start with searching a query in a search engine. It shows that creating SEO-friendly content is an important requirement for ranking in a Google SERP and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Below, we have listed a few of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Video Creation
  • Paid Media 
  • Content Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Designing

Generally, working organically & with the help of paid methods are the best possible & secure way to rank your website at the top of the Google search engine results. Once you master a skill such as SEO & SEM, which increases the ranking of your business websites in search engine results, you will be able to get a high-paying job quickly because it is the need of every business nowadays.

As you’re starting your career, you don’t have to master all the above skills. If you learn 3-4 skills from all these skills, you will be able to give a boost to your digital marketing career.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India for You? Answer the Following Questions

is digital marketing a good career - answer the questions

Ask yourself these questions. Be honest with yourself to make the right career choice.

  1. Are you passionate about growing businesses? (Yes/No)
  2. Do you have creative thinking? (Yes/No)
  3. Are you innovative? (Yes/No)
  4. Is money a motivation for you? (Yes/No)
  5. Are you a goal-oriented person? (Yes/No)
  6. Are you ready to do hard work? (Yes/No)
  7. Can you work in from of computers for more than 6 hours a day?
  8. Do you have patience? (Yes/No)
  9. Are you an avid learner? (Yes/No)
  10. Do you have the skills to adapt to the new changes in the industry? (Yes/No)

If the answer is YES to 6 or MORE Questions then digital marketing is a good career for you.

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A career in digital marketing has great scope. The only thing you need is the right mentor who can help you in starting a successful career. You can enroll in our 4-month digital marketing course in Jaipur. Our mentor Parmveer sir, will tell you an exact path that can help you make a successful career in digital marketing.

We believe we have cleared all your doubts regarding a career in digital marketing. As we promised initially, you are one step closer to making the right career decision.

Best of Luck, Go ahead and create a successful career in digital marketing

FAQs for Digital Marketing Career in India

Q1. Are digital marketing jobs in demand?

Ans. India’s growing digital penetration and e-commerce boom have created an ever-increasing demand for qualified Digital Marketing professionals. As an industry, it attracts both young graduates and seasoned professionals and offers many employment opportunities.

Q2. What is the qualification for digital marketing?

Ans. There is no mandatory qualification for a job in digital marketing. Still, if you enrol in and complete a reputable, well-rounded digital marketing course, you will dramatically enhance your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

Q.3 Is digital marketing well-paid?

Ans. The highest salary at an executive level in digital marketing is approximately INR 5,00,000. At the same time, the maximum salary for a manager role is INR 10,00,000. The exact number you can expect will vary greatly depending on your expertise, industry experience, and company size.

Q.4 Is digital marketing a good career in India?

Digital marketing is a good career option in 2024 and the coming years. According to some Linkedin reports, digital marketing specialist is one of the top 10 most demanded jobs, with 860,000 job openings. If you are looking for a career that can give you work-life balance, job security, and financial stability, digital marketing is the right career.

Q.5 Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing. People are becoming interested in this sector as new platforms are developed. The extensive range of discoverable compensation alternatives significantly impacts prospects, causing them to choose it as a career option.

Q.6 How do I get a job in Digital Marketing?

Focus on developing essential skills like SEO, social media marketing and content development. Additionally, establishing a solid online presence, networking with experts in the industry, and actively applying for positions within this field can significantly contribute to your success.

Q.7 How can I grow my career in Digital Marketing?

To progress in your Digital Marketing career, it’s essential to prioritize gaining practical experience, staying up to date with industry trends and continuously enhancing your skills through certifications and online courses.

Q.8 What is the average salary for a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer’s starting salary ranges from Rs 3 Lacs to Rs 5 Lacs annually. Various criteria determine the salary, such as the organization, talents, and employment location.

Q.9 Do I need a degree in Digital Marketing?

No, you don’t necessarily need a Digital Marketing degree to work in this field. Relevant skills, practical experience, and certifications can contribute to securing a job and excelling in the profession.

Q.10 What skills do I need for Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, it’s essential to have strong data analysis abilities to monitor and enhance campaigns effectively. It’s also crucial to have expertise in creating compelling content for various platforms and a good understanding of social media, SEO and online advertising strategies.

Q.11 Is there a demand for Digital Marketers?

LinkedIn reports that the role of a Digital Marketing Specialist ranks among the top ten careers. Possessing previous experience in various digital marketing domains, including social media management, content strategy implementation, search engine optimization (SEO), and other related areas is essential.

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