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For Entrepreneurs

April 10, 2015

Why to Use Google Adwords (PPC) to Promote Small Business

10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Business Online Using Google Adwords – PPC Advertising Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising program that helps businesses to […]
April 6, 2015

10 Tips on Guaranteed Customer Engagement

How to deal with less social media customer engagement, build a stronger online presence and other social media marketing strategies. 10 Powerful Tips.
April 1, 2014

5 Ways to Increase Blog Viewership Overnight

Are You a Blog Owner? Do you need sustainable traffic? Try these 5 tips to increase blog traffic & returning visitors. You'll wonder how simple these are.
February 17, 2014

24 Easy Blog Post Writing Ideas to Rock Your Blog in 24 Days for Sure (ppt)

Publishing interesting blog posts regularly seems a challenge even to a professional blogger. These interesting blog post types has helped pro-bloggers to succeed.
January 21, 2014

How to Write a Blog Post that Google would Love to Rank High (ppt)

Writing a good blog post is not as tough as it seems to be. Anyone can be a successful blogger. In this presentation you will learn how top bloggers write.
December 5, 2013

5 Startup Marketing Problems & Why Internet Marketing can Solve them?

Every Startup whether small or big suffer with these 5 marketing problems, one of them was identified 100yrs back & the only solution is Internet Marketing
January 23, 2013

8 Amazing Facts Why should You Market Services via Optimize Videos

Video, for its efficiency, is used as a digital marketing strategy by agencies and businesses of all sizes. Video Marketing will increase its share in online marketing strategy. Professionally created videos with expected information can do marketing miracle in just 2min. Here I share 8 mind blowing facts, that would compel you to include video marketing in your next online campaign.