Top Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce to Pursue in 2024

Top 10 Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce

Diploma Course After 12th Commerce

Commerce is one of the most preferred streams in India and commerce students have an added advantage over arts students as they can pursue arts based careers also & commerce students can explore different fields since they learn arts subjects from senior classes. And, Commerce students can learn professional skills avidly and can start earning immediately after the 12th exams, This article will give you guidance for choosing the best 1-year diploma course after 12th commerce for yourself.

There are several preferable Diploma courses which you can pursue after 12th commerce. There is enormous scope and excellent career opportunities after completing any one of these diploma after 12th commerce. Now, let’s move forward to the best 10 job-oriented diploma courses after the 12th commerce stream.

List of Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce

These are the top 6 month and 1 year diploma courses after 12th commerce to pursue in 2024 for getting a high rewarding career.

S. No. CourseDurationEligibilitySalary (Approx.)
1.Diploma in Digital Marketing4 Months Course with 6 Months Training after 12thMust Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 191,783 – Rs 1,159,600
2.Diploma in Financial Accounting1 yearMust Pass 12th CommerceRs 352,465 – Rs 1,765,296
3.Diploma in Hotel Management1 Year Must Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 399,371 – Rs 4,696,253
4.Diploma in Retail Management1 year Must Pass 12th CommerceRs 189,476 – Rs 827,218
5.Diploma in Physical Education1 year Must Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 193,185 – Rs 631,846
6.Diploma in Computer Application1 year Must Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 184,820 – Rs 789,395
7.Diploma in Fashion Designing1 yearMust Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 176,185 – Rs 963,011
8.Diploma in Writing & Journalism1 yearMust Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 120,702 – Rs 974,059
9.Diploma in Yoga1 yearMust Pass 12th Class from any streamRs 180,964 – Rs 2,356,079
10.Diploma in Industrial Safety1 yearMust Pass 12th CommerceRs 175,238 – Rs 740,087
11.Diploma in Banking1 yearMust Pass 12th CommerceRs 297,402 – Rs 1,384,039

#1 Digital Marketing 

what is digital markrting

Digital Marketing is at the top of the list because it is one of the most trending courses and its in great demand in the market because of digitalization happening and never going back. Moreover, Our digital marketing course in Jaipur is equivalent to a diploma course. However, many students are still in school and doing this course because of its different career opportunities while working from home.

Through this course, you will get enormous exposure and you can start your career in blogging and earn through marketing your blog or be an affiliate marketer or start your youtube channel, be a social media influencer, or start working as a freelancer. Hence, you can opt for the best Online Digital Marketing Course to showcase your skill and start earning through it from sitting anywhere.

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Furthermore, you can also pursue digital marketing graduation as well which is for 1 year or more. One can pursue BBA or MBA in digital marketing specialization through an institute-based entrance level exam for a BBA in digital marketing or a national level exam for an MBA in digital marketing. However, digital marketing certification course is equivalent to a diploma course because the course is divided into two parts. First part is a 4-month course for practical and theoretical learning, and the other one is a 6-month technical training, combinedly they are equivalent to a diploma.

Why is this Course Best for 12th Commerce Students?

Digital Marketing Course After Class XII or with Graduation

This course is best suitable for commerce students because of their 11th and 12th course curriculum, they learn about different types of marketing techniques with it they also learn to manage data and analytical skills. Hence, these are the few points required to become a successful Digital Marketer. However, a student can join a digital marketing institute to learn soft skills more from the marketing tricks and tips from the course. In this new normal a student can choose an online or offline digital marketing course to learn new skills and make a successful career in it.

Students from every stream can enroll in this rewarding digital marketing course after 12th. At the same time, this course will be more beneficial for Freshers, Graduates, Post Graduates, Entrepreneurs and Business owners to create their  digital presence & to market their product or services & to improve reach of their business. Through this course, you will be learning implementation of new marketing skills & conversion skills to be job-ready in the market or to grow existing your business.

Duration: 4 Months Course with 6 Months Training after 12th

Eligibility: Student must be 12th passed from any any stream (i.e. Arts/ Commerce/ Science)

You will work great in this field if-

  • You want to promote your family business
  • You are planning to do your own business with blogs and Youtube etc.
  • You are keen on making videos or writing.
  • You like to be social and work on social media
  • If you think you can influence someone

Digital Marketing gives you an opportunity to grow your above skills. You can choose the best platform to pursue Digital Marketing here. In this 3 month course, you will be able to get 14+ valid and valuable certifications as this course fully prepare you for this. It will also help you to get an honorable post as of following-

  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Community Manager
  • PPC Executive
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Sales Expert
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager

Salary in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides more than one job profiles. The general idea of salary in Digital Marketing according to different profile is given below-

Digital Marketing ManagerRs 191,783 - Rs 1,159,600
SEO ManagerRs 159,911 - Rs 878,122
SEM/PPC expertRs 216,388 - Rs 728,848
Social Media ManagerRs 178,894 - Rs 713,771
Content ManagerRs 222,891 - Rs 994,161
Content WriterRs 120,272 - Rs 479,995
Web DesignerRs 107,080 - Rs 522,133

#2 Diploma in Financial Accounting

The diploma courses after 12th commerce in Financial Accounting gives you the skill of arranging and managing the financial records and tax reports which gives the idea of the economic condition of any company. These reports help a company to make its financial condition better.

Duration of Course: 1-year Diploma Course after 12th Commerce

Eligibility: 12th with Commerce

This field is for you if-

  • You enjoy numbers and computations.
  • You have good knowledge of the finance system.
  • You like to do experiment with accounts.
  • You enjoy the financial system.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 344,782 - Rs 1,606,083
BonusRs 19,458 - Rs 195,743
Profit-SharingRs 12,500
Total Pay (?)Rs 352,465 - Rs 1,765,296

#3 Diploma In Hotel Management

The hospitality industry is evergreen and cultivating industry and is very wide. Also,  this field has a great scope to make your career. You can easily get a job in the hospitality sector. It includes Hotels, resorts, fast food chains, restaurants, etc in different verticals.

Duration of Course: 1 Year Diploma course After 12th commerce, arts or science (There are many private and government offering diploma and degree programs.)

Eligibility: The minimum qualification for a hotel management diploma course after 12th is 10+2.

Why is it your field?

  • You are interested in hospitality.
  • You want to go abroad
  • You like to travel
  • You can remain calm in the worst situations.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 391,147 - Rs 4,153,653
BonusRs 1,987 - Rs 755,030
Profit-SharingRs 2,576 - Rs 963,535
Total Pay (?)Rs 399,371 - Rs 4,696,253
SalaryRs 391,147 - Rs 4,153,653

#4 Diploma In Retail Management

As the number of malls and department stores has increased, the demand for experts and specialization in the retail sector have also increased. So for the last 2-3 years, a diploma course in the commerce field in retail management has taken a rise rapidly.

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Commerce

Qualification: 12th Commerce

Why choose Retail Management?

  • It is a new and unique sector with a promising career.
  • This field has surety about the increase in career options and hike.
  • The evergreen sector as people will never stop shopping.
  • Diplomats in this field can work as a sports teacher, coach or trainer.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 182,835 - Rs 750,549
BonusRs 1,946 - Rs 163,447
Profit-SharingRs 16.00 - Rs 484,790
CommissionRs 0.00 - Rs 96,867
Total Pay (?)Rs 189,476 - Rs 827,218

#5 Diploma In Physical Education

This course gives a chance to step into the health & fitness industry. you can also be a fitness trainer at high post even with the actor/ actress also. But you need to go for higher studies after the completion of the Diploma course.

Duration: 1-year Diploma course after 12th Commerce or any stream

Qualification: Student must have a minimum qualification of 12th with Commerce, Science or Arts stream.

Why is it your field?

  • You want to be a sports coach
  • You take interest in sports and adventure.
  • You have good knowledge of physical education and fitness and you want to know even more.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 191,374 - Rs 616,025
BonusRs 0.00 - Rs 199,332
Profit-SharingRs 600
Total Pay (?)Rs 193,185 - Rs 631,846

#6 Diploma In Computer Application

The diplomats of Computer Application can create and develop computer and database apps. They can also Update the applications after the launch of the application. You can become-

  • The Lead Consultant
  • Application developer
  • Office Assistant etc. after the completion of this course.

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course after 12th Computer Science/ Commerce/ Arts

Eligibility: 12th with any stream.

Should I choose this field?

  • You are related to this field
  • You love computers and always search for their technology.
  • You are interested in learning about Software's & Computer Languages

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 183,016 - Rs 766,946
BonusRs 0.00 - Rs 100,300
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 - Rs 122,554
CommissionRs 0.00
Total Pay (?)Rs 184,820 - Rs 789,395

#7 Diploma In Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the unfolded and flourishing sectors today. Other than the fashion designer there are some unique career options coming up in this field like

  • Fashion Stylist
  • Personal Shopper
  • Influencer
  • Fashion Blogger etc.

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma course after 12th Commerce or another stream

Eligibility: Student must be 12th pass out with any stream.

Why Choose It?

  • You are attentive in clothes and accessories
  • You have a good fashion sense
  • You like to do an experiment with the choices of clothes.
  • The career in fashion designing is glamorous and profitable. It is also very demanding at the same time.
  • Scope in Fashion designing is taking hype.

You can work in-

  • Garment and Textile Export houses
  • Costume designer in the Television and Film Industry
  • Retail Chains
  • Freelancer, Faculty of College/ School.

There are many governments and private institutes offering fashion designing diploma courses after 12th and degree courses, fees structure varies depending upon the college and course.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 174,615 - Rs 918,422
BonusRs 2,005 - Rs 101,308
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 - Rs 47,678
CommissionRs 10,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 176,185 - Rs 963,011

#8 Diploma in Writing & Journalism

Apart from all the above diploma courses in the Science stream, Writing and Journalism is also a course that needs perfect Writing skills. Course in writing will enable to have a job in-

  • Publishing houses
  • Media
  • Freelancing work on the internet
  • Writing Related jobs are in high demand in the digital marketing field also.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma course after 12th Arts/ Commerce/ Science

Eligibility: 12th with any field

Why should you choose this field?

  • You have great communication skill
  • You have the perfect writing skill
  • You are interested in Social Knowledge

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 120,582 - Rs 947,638
BonusRs 2,909 - Rs 99,666
Profit-SharingRs 27,500
Total Pay (?)Rs 120,702 - Rs 974,059

#9 Diploma In Yoga

Yoga is a very Unique field but has a great career scope. Here what best thing you can do after the course completion is Teaching. Teaching Yoga to others has a great scope of the future. What you can do in the future after the course is-

  • You can teach Yoga Positions, meditation exercises etc.
  • You can work in schools, colleges etc.
  • Yoga Institute hires teachers for Yoga classes.
  • You can open your own Yoga Centre.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Commerce

Eligibility: After 12th Commerce or other streams

Why should you choose it?

  • You are very conscious of fitness.
  • Yoga makes you feel happy.
  • You like to inspire people.
  • You like to train them for health and fitness.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 177,277 - Rs 490,007
Total Pay (?)Rs 180,964 - Rs 2,356,079

#10 Diploma in Industrial Safety

In Industrial Safety, you need to check and guard that the workplace is safe for the employees and it is Hazard free according to government guideline and rules. Here you need to do some work as-

  • You need to plan, execute and analyze the safety programs for employees.
  • Note the requirements for biological, chemical and physical Hazards.
  • Investigate Accidents and report the contravention of safety etc.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Commerce

Eligibility: After 12th Commerce

The choice as a career-

  • Industrial Safety personnel is increasing day by day.
  • The growth of Industry is high.
  • Good job reach in companies.
  • Interesting option for career

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 174,288 - Rs 700,017
BonusRs 1,939 - Rs 81,959
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 - Rs 123,650
Total Pay (?)Rs 175,238 - Rs 740,087

#11 Diploma In Banking

Most of the student’s choice is to work in a bank as this field has both money and reputation. A diploma course in Banking gives you an opportunity to enter in this field. You may get various jobs after the course depending on your skillset. You may need to talk to customers, guide them or manage the bank process.

Duration:  1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Commerce

Eligibility: After 12th Commerce

Why choose it?

  • You were always dreaming to work in Bank.
  • You like Finance and Accounting Subjects
  • Banking does not require special skill. An average person also can make a career in it.
  • Banks give more holidays than any other industries.

Banking has many departments. So, After course Career Options in Banking-

  • Personal Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Loan Servicing
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Deposit Operations
  • Electronic Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Mortgage Banking

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 267,904 - Rs 1,225,925
BonusRs 10,339 - Rs 217,180
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 - Rs 149,500
CommissionRs 0.00 - Rs 695,305
Total Pay (?)Rs 297,402 - Rs 1,384,039

Some More courses for Commerce Students After 12th Other than Diploma

Accountancy Courses for Commerce Students

  • Chartered Accountant (C.A)
  • Bachelor’s of Commerce (BCom)
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  • (BCA)+ Master’s of Computer Applications(MCA) [A Dual Degree]

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) After 12th

  • BBA in Accounting
  • BBA in Banking
  • BBA in Construction Management
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Family Business
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Healthcare Management
  • BBA in Insurance
  • BBA in International Business
  • BBA in Marketing/Digital Marketing

Bachelors in Hospitality & Management Courses

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  • Integrated BBA + MBA program (5 years duration)
  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  • Retail Management (Diploma)
  • Bachelors in Tourism and Travel Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for a diploma course in commerce after class 12th?

Ans. A student must have completed their class 12th education in commerce stream from a recognised board.

Q2. What are the career prospects after completing a diploma course in commerce?

Ans. Diploma courses in commerce can prepare you for job roles such as Accountant, Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, Business Analyst, and more. You can also pursue further studies.

Q3. Which diploma courses will be best for commerce students after 12?

Ans. There are various diploma courses available for commerce students after 12. Candidates can try out the Diploma in Writing and Journalism, Diploma in Digital Marketing or Diploma in Banking and Finance. A diploma after Class 12 Commerce serves the purpose of helping students gain relevant knowledge and skills in a shorter span of time.

Q4. How to choose the right course after 12th Commerce?

Ans. Commerce offers a vast and profitable area of study encompassing various courses such as Management, Accounting, Business Studies, Marketing Analysis, Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics. When deciding on a career path after class 12, it is essential to consider one's interests, the career opportunities associated with the desired course, the syllabus, the course fees, and the colleges offering the preferred program.

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