Top 11 Diploma Courses After 12th Arts – 2024

Top 11 Diploma Courses After 12th Arts – 2023

The arts stream is commonly opted by most of the students. Although there are many misperceptions that Arts subject is for weak students, this is quite wrong. On the contrary to this perception, there are vast opportunities for Arts students after 12th. There are many diploma courses after 12th, Arts students can opt for courses such as digital marketing course from Jaipur’s leading institute “Quibus Trainings”, which is a 4 months short term course with 11+ different industry recognized certification, and after completing the course, students can get a perfect job in a good company according to their skills.

In this article, we will discuss various diploma courses after 12th, which can be pursued by any student with any stream of class 12th. So, with this, there are many career options after 12th for Arts stream students. Now, let’s have a look at these below-mentioned diploma courses after 12th Arts. Maybe your interest lies here.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Diploma in 3D Animation
  3. Travel & Tourism
  4. Photography & Videography
  5. Event Management
  6. Graphics Designing
  7. Website Designing & Development
  8. Language Courses
  9. Multimedia
  10. Kitchen and Catering
  11. Sound Recording

#1 Digital Marketing

what is digital markrting

Digital marketing is today’s most sought-after course for a number of reasons. Digital marketing is the only career that gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of time and location and after gaining experience you can start with a digital marketing Job or with your own business or you can work independently as an Influencer/ Affiliate Marketer/ Freelancer, etc. However, earlier people used to think that only MBA in digital marketing can land you high-paying jobs. But, with the change in time, short terms courses like diploma courses and certification courses have gained popularity amongst the freshers and young aspirants. 

Digital Marketing is a certification course but it is equivalent to a diploma. You can join our digital marketing course in Jaipur. It is a 4 month live classroom digital marketing course. After successfully completing a digital marketing course a student can become well equipped for content writing, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website development, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Marketing Automation, and many more. This is why this course is equivalent to a diploma. In brief, you can start working in a job or start your own e-commerce business or you can start working independently as Blogger/ Influencer and etc., in a short duration of time and investment.

How to build successful career in digital marketing starting as fresher? (In Hindi)

There are many digital marketing institutes in India which offers the best and advanced digital marketing course after 12th. You can either join an internet marketing classroom course or an online digital marketing course for a better understanding and learning of the course. However, the best way to learn every nook and cranny of internet marketing is to join a specialization course based on the field of your interest or you can join a 6-month practical training program/ internship in a good digital marketing institute for better career opportunities and placements.

Why digital marketing will be the best diploma course after 12th Arts?

Digital Marketing Course After Class XII or with Graduation

Arts student learns many qualities and skills in their schooling which are required in Digital Marketing. Such as-

  • Firstly, most Arts students are creative and creativity is one of the required soft skills for Social Media Marketing.
  • Secondly, a student who has done their intermediate with English subject and has a nice command/ pitch on the language communication, writing, and reading skill, can go for blogging or for content writing jobs which are highly required in Digital Marketing. and etc.

By this, you can understand that there are huge opportunities in the Digital Marketing career field. Hence, digital marketing is in the first position in the top 11 diploma courses after 12th Arts list.

You will work great in this field if-

  • You want to promote your family business
  • Want to start your own business
  • Passionate about writing and want to be a blogger
  • Keen on making videos and vlogs for YouTube or any video posting platform
  • Like to be social and can work on social media for engagement outreach
  • Good at communication and can influence people and want to an influencer
  • Can work for a long time with patience

Course Duration: 4 Months Course with 6 Month Training after 12th

Course Eligibility: Student must be 12th passed with any stream (i.e. Arts/ Commerce/ Science).

In addition, you can join Quibus Trainings the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur for a 4-Month digital marketing course and for a 6-Month internship. The course is divided into 30+ marketing modules and this will lead you to 10+ industry-recognized certificates from Google, Facebook, etc. as per practical knowledge reference, you will be working on your own projects. Moreover, the Internship will be for 6-Months in which you’ll be working on different live client projects under the guidance of industry experts.

Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

Since this is a vast field and has many verticals, thus, you have different options for many job profiles as per your interest. The jobs which you can work on after the completion of the course are-

  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Community Manager
  • PPC Executive
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Sales Expert
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager

Salary in Digital Marketing

Since Digital Marketing provides more than one job profile, salaries are also according to that. So, the salaries of some common profiles which can be found in any organization are:

Digital Marketing ManagerRs 191,783 – Rs 1,159,600
SEO ManagerRs 159,911 – Rs 878,122
SEM/PPC expertRs 216,388 – Rs 728,848
Social Media ManagerRs 178,894 – Rs 713,771
Content ManagerRs 222,891 – Rs 994,161
Content WriterRs 120,272 – Rs 479,995
Web DesignerRs 107,080 – Rs 522,133

Also, read our article on “ digital marketing course after 12th” for a better understanding of different areas of digital marketing specializations, career opportunities, and salary packages.

#2 Diploma In 3D Animation

We all have been grown up seeing many of the cartoon characters and movies of them. Weren’t they amazing? You can take anyone in your imaginary world with your skill in 3D animation. Animation can be a great career option who like creative work. The animation industry is always growing, hence there is always a demand for skilled and talented animators. Thus, 3D animation holds second place in top diploma courses after 12th Arts.

Now, it also has been used in Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. Bahubali is one of the best examples of 3D animation other than Animated movies.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Arts

Eligibility: Student should be 12th Passed.

You’ll work great in this field if-

  • You are perceptive
  • Can draw with the help of technology (i.e. photoshop, illustrator, etc.)
  • Imagination power is great
  • You’ve got a skill for color picking and selection

Animators can work in a creative field such as-

  • Advertising films
  • Software industries
  • Video game industry
  • Movies etc.

Animators are required in

  • Advertising Online and Print News Media
  • Film & Television
  • Cartoon production
  • Theater
  • Video Gaming
  • E-learning and in government sectors also.

Salary Detail of 3D Animator-

SalaryRs 129,291 – Rs 700,025
BonusRs 1,062 – Rs 95,000
Profit-SharingRs 60,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 131,668 – Rs 709,510

#3 Travel & Tourism

It is a great career choice for those who are heartfelt about traveling and like meeting new people know about different societies and lifestyles.

You will learn about the Basics of tourism geography, tourism planning, execution and marketing, communication skills and soft skills, etc., in the diploma course after 12th in tourism.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th 

Eligibility: Student should be 12th Passed.

This is your field if-

  • You love to travel and explore new places
  • Like to make new friends
  • You always try to know about the other’s culture and lifestyles.
  • Have good communication skills

Due to the above reasons, it is mentioned in 3rd place in the list of top diploma courses after 12th Arts students.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 129,291 – Rs 700,025
BonusRs 1,062 – Rs 95,000
Profit-SharingRs 60,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 131,668 – Rs 709,510

#4 Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography is at the 4th place in the diploma courses after 12th Arts because this skill doesn’t require much of study. Hence, if you have just passed your 12th and have a passion for photography and you are a creative person and like to do photography and videography, then you can go for a diploma course in photography and videography. This field is highly thrilling, worthwhile, and challenging at the same time. Photography and videography lead to cinematography which can even lead you to the film industry, there is a high scope in this industry for talented people. However, after the course, you can choose to work as

  • Part-time
  • Do freelancing
  • Can get a decent job in studios
  • In Agencies
  • In companies.

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Arts or any other stream

Eligibility: The student should be Intermediately qualified.

You would like this field if-

  • You love Photography
  • Have nice visual and observation skills
  • You can pay attention to detail
  • You’ve patience and calmness

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 122,276 – Rs 996,603
BonusRs 1,490 – Rs 96,095
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 1,174,457
CommissionRs 125,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 133,510 – Rs 1,387,660

#5 Diploma in Event Management

Event management jobs are highly demanding but rewarding too. You will be expected to do this work-

  • Come up with fresh ideas or themes
  • You should be good at planning an event in a detailed manner
  • Budgeting
  • Networking with agencies and organizations for legal aspects
  • Organizing and executing the event

But it’s no doubt the best diploma course after 12th if you are spirited and inventive enough!

Event Management is all about organizing a project of a wedding, festivals, conferences, sports events,s and many more. It is a powerful combination of innovative and technical skills where you can show your creativity in real life.

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Arts or any other stream

Eligibility: Student should be 12th Passed.

This field can be yours if-

  • You’ve got the skill of organization and arrangement
  • Good at communication and making connections with people
  • You can work under pressure
  • Good at planning and in spending money wisely.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 179,810 – Rs 1,034,968
BonusRs 993 – Rs 173,619
Profit-SharingRs 17.27 – Rs 120,000
CommissionRs 10,137 – Rs 1,874,019
Total Pay (?)Rs 185,059 – Rs 1,197,816

#6 Diploma In Graphic Designing

The career in graphic designing is again an ever-growing field with 100% Job placements if you are creative and can make evergreen content.

As a digital marketing course, there are no rigid criteria. All you need is a creative mind and interest. Anyone can do this short-term diploma course for learning more skills, computer graphics, calligraphy, computer fonts, color schemes, and many more.

However, more focus is put on the skills, creativity, and work of an employer.

Duration: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Art or another stream.

Eligibility: Student should be 12th Passed.

Why choose this field?

  • Good at sketching and drawing
  • A good observer
  • Well conversant with computers, technology, media for video making, photoshop, etc.

Salary Details-

SalaryRs 121,551 – Rs 587,560
BonusRs 1,002 – Rs 61,377
Profit-SharingRs 106 – Rs 108,496
CommissionRs 20,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 122,110 – Rs 600,651

#7 Website Designing & Development

We do need web designers for the growth of the industry. Every small and big company is going online for its business. Today there are many private and government institutes are offering job-oriented diploma courses after 12th in web designing.

Course Duration: 1 year after 12th

Eligibility: You can do the course after the 12th.

Why should you choose this diploma course?

  • You know to code in HTML, CSS or Java, etc
  • Like to code and make different templates with it
  • Had made websites in the past
  • You are a good observer

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 120,345 – Rs 672,036
BonusRs 0.00 – Rs 157,812
Profit-SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 101,661
CommissionRs 3,500
Total Pay (?)Rs 120,855 – Rs 722,080

#8 Diploma in Language Courses

The scope of jobs in the foreign language is growing. There are many languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Persian, and Arabic, etc from which you can select one. You can find work in –

  • Government organizations
  • Embassies
  • Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Travel & tourism industry
  • Multinational companies.

In which you can work as-

  • Interpreters
  • Translators
  • Researcher etc.

Course Duration: 1-year Diploma Course after 12th Art

Eligibility: You can do the course after the 12th.

Why Should I choose this field?

  • It is a fascinating career field.
  • If you have the interest and talent to clutch the language, you should choose it.
  • You can work in foreign countries.
  • You will be able to find work anywhere in the world in any sector like- govt. Organizations, embassies, universities, and colleges etc.

Salary Details Per Annum-

SalaryRs 242,282 – Rs 608,205
BonusRs 27,500
Total Pay (?)Rs 243,420 – Rs 705,854

#9 Diploma In Multimedia

Arts is all about the creativity of your mind. Again the multimedia field is about designs and creativity. These artists use technology to create designs, graphics, and animations for graphic media. You can design games, web, graphics, etc.

Duration of Course: 1 Year Diploma Course After 12th Arts

Eligibility: After 12th Arts or any other field

Is this your field?

  • It is your field if you can draw well.
  • You like gaming
  • If you like to study computers, technology.
  • Likes videos, animation, and journalism.
  • You observe things carefully.

Per Annum Salary Details-

SalaryRs 146,807 – Rs 714,900
BonusRs 2,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 146,807 – Rs 714,900

#10 Diploma in Kitchen and Catering

If you love to cook and have knowledge about food and its management. This can be a great field for you. Through this course, you can go into the area of Kitchen or Catering Management or can be a wedding planner or restaurant Manager, even you can go into the armed forces also. Your food love can take you very high.

Duration: 3 Year course after 12th Arts

Eligibility: After 12th Arts or any other stream

Why should you choose this field?

  • Love towards cooking and exploring new cuisines or food recipes
  • Knowledge of food and its taste
  • If you like to invite people to your house on any occasion
  • This field has a high salary package

Roles After Diploma In Kitchen and Catering-

  • Airline Catering
  • Club management
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Hotel and Tourism Associations
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
  • Forest Lodges
  • Kitchen Management Catering departments of railways, banks
  • Banks
  • Armed forces

Per Annum Salary Details–

SalaryRs 123,650 – Rs 969,580
BonusRs 40,000
Profit-SharingRs 10,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 123,650 – Rs 969,580

#11 Diploma In Sound Recording

It may seem like a technical course for Arts students but it is not that technical, you can easily do it after the course. If you like songs and keep experimenting with mixing songs, you might like this field. Your job will be-

  • To record the song & video
  • To edit the song & video
  • To mix the song & video
  • Manipulation of songs as well as videos.

A sound engineer is one of the most demanded persons in live shows.

Duration: One Year Diploma course After 12th Arts

Eligibility: 12th Qualified with Arts or any other field

Skills Required For This Course are-

  • You need to be able to work with different types of people
  • Able to work in a stressful situation
  • Need to work for an uneven and long time
  • You must need to be good at computers and technology
  • Always ready to learn approach

After the course, you can get jobs in-

  • Movies
  • Television shows
  • Music companies
  • Music recording studios
  • Event management companies

Per Year Salary Details –

SalaryRs 153,193 – Rs 984,904
BonusRs 10.34 – Rs 51,064
Profit-SharingRs 155,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 172,971 – Rs 1,011,518

Degree courses After 12th for Arts Student-

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Courses after 12th Arts

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • History
  • German
  • Geography
  • Fine Arts
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Performing Arts
  • Social Work
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit

Bachelor of Design Courses

  • Interior Designing
  • Design (Accessory)
  • Design (Leather)
  • Textile Design
  • Product Design
  • Furniture and Interior Design course

Bachelor in Fashion Course

  • Fashion Design and Technology
  • Bachelor of Fashion Communication
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