SEO as a Career Option in India – Why to Choose it ?

SEO as a Career Option in India – Why to Choose it

It’s been a matter of discussion for a while now, let’s discuss SEO as a career option in India! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of the Digital Marketing field and emerging as one of the best job oriented computer course. It is becoming more and more popular in India. There is a shortage of well-trained SEO professionals in India, and this reason makes a broader career opportunity in SEO field. Almost every business and organizations, either it is small or big, is now funding in SEO to get top ranking in Google.

This has become the most important thing for every e-commerce or service website.

The post is all about Why to choose SEO as a career option. So, let’s go through it!

#1 Importance of SEO: It’s a Need for Any Business

As 80% of the people surfing Google every day, the company which has to sell something ( it may be product or service) would consider themselves a fool if they neglect these audiences. Considering ourselves users ( how do we surf on Google ), we generally surf the 1st page of the search engine and rarely surf the 2nd one. So, being on top in SERP (Search Engine Optimization) has become the most important thing. The only thing which can work here is SEO, and this is the reason there is a demand for SEO everywhere. If you are doing Online Marketing, SEO is your need.

#2 Bright Future Scope in SEO

SEO is emerging as a hot career opportunity in India. People are accepting digitalization; online competitions are continuously increasing, internet and mobile users in India are increasing day by day, and that has given rise to the demand for SEO professionals.

SEO is not just a career option; it is a must-have skill which genuinely helps in building your career in Digital Marketing.

seo as a career

Even the studies also show that most of the companies are investing in SEO rather than investing in other fields. So, you can expect more opportunities for work in the Internet Marketing industry. We are sure you are eager to learn SEO from the best SEO training institute after seeing the great scope and career in this field. 

#3 A Career Where You Can Get Fame

Yes! This field provides you fame as well. Many of the professionals who have practiced SEO opportunities successfully are known as internet marketing/ Digital Marketing experts all over the world. You must have heard the name of these people if you know about SEO industry a little bit- Rob from Blackwood Productions, Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz, Jill Wahlen, etc. These are the famous SEO experts who are known for their SEO skills all over the world.

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#4 The Money Factor

seo as a career option

The most asked question… What is the salary aspects of SEO? You might wonder, but the Pay for SEO experts is nearly similar to or even much higher than that of engineers, developers, marketers (offline), designers. An SEO expert usually can get 8-10 lakhs in India. 

One plus point of SEO career is that you don’t have to get into an organization and do a 9 to 5 job as you can even make more profit doing it alone as a freelancer. Every freelancing site has job availabilities in SEO, and they are offering a Wow salary. It would not be distant away getting a salary of $30 to $40 plus per hour charges if you become a recognized SEO expert in India.

#5 Are You doing Web Designing???

If you are a web designer and want to continue it as a part of your career, then be careful! It’s not gonna work for a longer time! Why so? Clients and customers are becoming more intelligent, and they know the value of ranking in Google SERP. Every of your client expects an SEO-friendly site from your side. SEO can increase your pay and even decrease it if you don’t know it well. Therefore, being good in both the field can make you the gem of your company. Boost your learning by joining the best institute for digital marketing courses in Jaipur. There is a great scope of digital marketing in India so join the course today.

#6 SEO is the Future of Advertising or Marketing Professionals

Penetration of the Internet has completely changed the practical way of organizations. So, advertisers and marketers have to consider this digitally evolving market. So, it’s important to know some SEO knowledge for their successful marketing career. 

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SEO Job Profiles and Designations in India

SEO may be a part of Online Marketing, but it also has various job profiles. You can work as Jr. SEO executive first with a digital marketing company. Then, by practicing and learning advanced SEO techniques, you can upgrade your skills and become a Sr. SEO Executive, Manager or team leader.  Apart from all these, there are many job profiles available in SEO jobs.

Here are job profiles and designations if you choose SEO as a career.

  • SEO Trainee
  • Jr. SEO Executive
  • Sr. SEO Executive
  • SEO Analyst
  • Link Building Expert
  • SEO Consultant
  • SEO Project Manager
  • SEO and SEM Specialist
  • Analytics Expert
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Trainer
  • Freelance SEO consultant

Some Cons of SEO as a Career Option

#1 Search Engines Algorithms affect SEO

Search Engines algorithms often change their algorithms, and this is the biggest con of SEO. These changes are never shown publicly, the search engine only notifies about the change, how has it happened always remains secret. Even the greatest SEO experts admit that they guess about all this that how things work. Every time you make everything perfect and when the algorithm change, again you have to do the different planning to make it perfect. Many time it happens that your site ranking is dropped 100 positions down in one night. The worst part is to explain to clients because they get incredibly unsatisfied with their falling ratings.

#2 SEO Has No Rule

The another biggest drawback of SEO! And it happened many times that you may work laboriously, follow every planned tactic, everything that looks like a rule but still you don’t get success. You even cannot question search engines because they are not bounded to rank websites that have worked hard to get optimized.

#3 Your Position Cannot Always be the same in SERP

You cannot be positioned at the same rank in Search Engine Result Pages. If you manage to get a top rank on any specific keyword, securing the same position demands constant efforts. If you get fail to do so, it negatively affects your ranking as there are many other blogs which are making efforts to rank in the same keywords.

#4 SEO Requires Patience

Either it is SEO professionals, client or customers, all you need to understand that SEO requires lots of patience. As told above, it takes continuous effort and time to work well. It can take some months to rank your blog or post on any keyword or to build links from various social bookmarking sites.

However, if you hold the optimization of your blog for some time, you will experience a significant drop in ratings or rankings as well. A person who wants everything fast cannot survive in this field. You are definitely required lots of impulse and patience so that you don’t give up when things become worse and not going your way.

#5 The Ultimate Enemy: Blackhat SEO

The biggest fear of an honest SEO Specialist and the black part of the Digital Marketing world. It may be your most significant concerns also. Scam and unfair competition are everywhere and so is in Search Engine Optimisation also. Most of the Search Engine Optimist who are good and ethical, suffer from this. Blackhat SEO is quite extensive. However, It is true that search engines penalize black hat methods, but still, it is a major concern for the SEO industry.

So, from this post, you probably understood that Search Engine Optimization is not only one of the best career to get in, but it is the need of every online business or service. There are some negative points of SEO also, but if you have done things according to the Search Engine’s guideline, you don’t need to worry about its consequences because Google prefers the correctly optimized websites.

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