Etiquette of Digital Marketing Practice- Things You Must NOT Avoid

Etiquette of Digital Marketing Practice- Things You Must NOT Avoid

No doubt digital marketing can do wonders for your business but if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, vision, goal, and strategy it won’t bring any miraculous results or in the worst case scenario you might end up wasting the money invested.

Technology is changing fast, leading to quickly changing trends which is hard to keep up with and no wonder it can be confusing and you may go wrong. Therefore, instead of setting some groundless goals without doing the reality check chances, take a drive for the etiquettes of Digital Marketing.

Knowing what not to do is more equally important than the knowing what to do.

Check out these important do’s and don’ts of Digital Marketing so that you can know where you must not go.

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

do's and don'ts of digital marketing

#1 Alienating Mobile Marketing

In 2017, 320.57 million people accessed the internet through their mobile phone. In 2021, this figure is projected to amount to 462.26 million mobile phone internet users.- Source

The figures clearly show that mobile users are increasing at an astounding rate, especially with the availability of cheaper handheld smart devices.

Many digital marketing agencies still overlook the importance and the impact that mobile marketing can make.

do's and don'ts of digital marketing

If you don’t have a website that is optimized for the users, you may actually lose the existing and potential customer base.

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The best example is all the e-commerce websites that are acing the game of mobile marketing.

#2 Overdoing and Relying upon only on the Social Media

You heard about social media advantages and in the excitement, many companies either use all the social media platforms or bombard the audiences with relevant or irrelevant information and posts.

LinkedIn is not for all the companies while Instagram and Pinterest also don’t do much for some.

donts of digital marketing

You have to recognize where is your audience and produce the content that is relevant, which will actually save your time, money, and efforts.

Using the appropriate social media will lead to increased users participation and engagement. These engagements will increase traffic and eventually sales.

#3 Forgetting the SEO Updates

If you think your website has ranked on the first page and your work is done for the entirety then you are doing a blunder. Don’t ignore Google and its updates otherwise google will start ignoring You!!

SEO is the most competitive field and many competitors are fighting every day.  Since rules and regulations are always changing your ranking is prone to fluctuations.

do's and don'ts of digital marketing

So, keep an eye on the latest Google updates and trends and keep your content up to date according to new changes.

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#4 Beautiful Yet User-Unfriendly Website

You’re ‘Above the Fold’ is covered with ads or other useless information or your website don’t show what a user wishes to see or your website is a too slow and bad view on mobile, these all reasons make your website inconvenient and user-unfriendly even you have a beautiful looking website. Don’t Ignore User Experience!

do's and don'ts of digital marketing

  • You must have the proper information for which you have drive users on your site.
  • Make sure it’s mobile optimized.
  • Font size and color must be visible and easy to use.
  • There is a golden rule of the website, that is, the ‘3-sec rule’. Having the bright and prettiest website is all good but if it doesn’t open and give you proper info in 3 seconds, you will actually lose your potential customers.

Consider Below given diagram for a perfect user experience on your website-

do's and dont's of digital marketing

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#5 Ignoring Visuals

In 2017, 320.57 million people accessed the internet through their mobile phone. In 2021, this figure is projected to amount to 462.26 million mobile phone internet users.”

Tweets with images earned up to 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets, Buffer reported.”

Well, there are just a few figures telling you the real story about how impactful your communication becomes when you use the visuals.  

When you incorporate visual content it increases engagement of the audience and hence the convent of the message, brand awareness, and image.

do's and don'ts of online marketing

Photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, and videos are some of the forms of visual content that can be used together, creating a mix of communication. So, Don’t Ignore Visuals!

#6 Ignoring Testing and Tracking

Don’t ignore that! If it is your first time using a digital marketing or running any campaign then you can run ads on small group and in the lowest amount to test it.

do's of digital marketing

You can also take the help of Google’s free tools to study your stats and track your visitors. Google Analytics is a great tool to check the health of your website and the performance of your campaign.

We Hope You Now Know About the Major Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing, For More on Digital Marketing Give us a Call at 8502-002-002 or Enroll in Our Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur.

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