Best Digital Marketing Strategy to Plan for 2020 - Actionable Plan!

Best Digital Marketing Strategy to Plan for 2020

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World of the internet is very fast-paced and is prone to new changes every now and then. It may not work in future what is working great for today. So, today we are discussing the digital marketing strategy for 2018 which is the most effective way to increase your digital marketing performance this year!

If you are still befuddled about what digital marketing business plan to adopt for giving your business the necessary boost, then you have landed in the right place. This Digital marketing strategy will help digital marketing agencies, professionals and startups to grow there business in 2020. Let’s discuss: 

Digital Marketing Business Plan for 2020

#1 Play Close Attention to User’s Needs

The digital marketing plan must be built on the basic principle of user experience because the more you focus on improving the user experience the more effective your digital strategy will become.

Think of it this way, there is a mail that has been written and designed just to convey about the company’s offering or any particular message while other is designed keeping in mind to give the maximum value to the user.

Which mail do you think would get the high response rate? digital marketing plan

Following are the practical points to improve digital customer experience;

  • Segment Your Audience

Identifying and segmenting your customers on the basis of demography, gender, age, location, occupation, and interest etc will help in customizing content, email, ads, a website to maximize the user experience.

  • Look at the TouchPoints

In simple terms, the different sources of information that a user come across during the buyer cycle are the touchpoints.

For eg. Blogs, Social media ads, emails are the touchpoints during the second phase of the buying cycle, which is when a person is considering to buy a product.

  • Evaluate Customer Impression

Customer impressions will tell you about how a customer is behaving at a particular touchpoint in the cycle.

It is always a good idea to take direct reviews of the existing and potential customers.

  • Use of the Latest Technology – Focus on AMP 

Use the AMP pages to make your website more powerful and create a better user experience. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and it reduces the load time of a website on a phone. Moreover, you will also be given priority on mobile search.

#2 Incorporate Video Marketing

digital marketing business plan

Many digital marketers swear by the effectivity of the videos and using video marketing in your digital marketing plan is the best approach to go with, in 2018. 

It is simple to understand that video marketing is using the videos to do the marketing and promotions. Studies have shown that people tend to give more attention to the videos than any other content format and drive more traffic too.

The secret to even successful video marketing is to craft a message or content in a way that,

  • Use human emotions to make the message engaging and relatable.
  • Optimize for search.
  • Optimize the videos for other devices too.
  • Use Cross-platform strategy

#3 Pacing Up With SEO

It is one of the common myths that once your page is ranked at the top of SERP, SEO job is done. On the contrary, SEO is still an important method. It keeps changing with the Google updates, Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times a year. So, don’t think that SEO is dead.

As a Digital Marketing Plan for 2018 you must put emphasis on Semantic Search, Voice Search, and Unlinked mentions.

#4 Redefining Keyword Attribution

  • Relevance
  • Search Volume
  • Competition

These there are important factors which decide whether to choose a particular keyword or not. Therefore keyword attribution is really important in 2018’s digital marketing plan if you want to increase the efficiency of SEO.

#5 Optimal Use of Social Media

Do we need to explain how important social media is for any business? Today there is a pool of social media platforms that you can pick what suits your business the best.

So if you want to accelerate your business then invest in the social media channels. You can also use social media platforms for live video streaming.

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#6 Reworking on e-Mail

Email marketing has the highest ROI and to keep hitting the goals set for this method is to keep updating it. Refine your email list, by that we mean is to segment the customers. Pay more attention to the user who is responsive to the email.

digital marketing plan 2018

Optimizing the mail for the mobile and implementing more personalizations.

#7 Pay Attention to CRO

plan for digital marketing

There is no point in having great traffic if they are not converting and that is what CRO makes sure. Conversion Rate Optimisation focuses on the quality rather than the quantity which helps you to create sales funnel that actually attract the right customers. 

Increased conversion rates will lower down your customer acquisition cost. It will also give you a close look at what is working or what is not.

#8 Take Help of AI

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world of digital marketingThe most noticeable example is the ‘Voice Search’  introduced by Google. AI will help in better and smart searches.

Automatic chatbots are build using the artificial intelligence and give a real human experience to the usersEven the content marketing will get the great advantage from the artificial intelligence.

So these are the main digital marketing plan for 2020. Were you surprised to know these tactics or you already knew some of them?

Do you want to know more about digital marketing, then comment below to let us know.

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