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You might have many questions in your mind about Digital Marketing Course regarding Duration, Timings, Fees, Methodology, Certification… etc. Here are the answers of some mostly asked questions, even if there is something unanswered, feel free to contact at 8502-002-002

What is the duration of Digital Marketing Course?

It takes 3 months to complete the digital marketing course but sometimes depending upon the participants it can extend a bit.

What would I learn in this course?

This is an integrated digital marketing program and SEO is the major part of it.

You will learn in-depth search engine optimization, principles of optimized content writing, post penguin link building techniques, blogging principles, Google Adwords for search ads (how to design PPC campaign with optimum ROI), Google Webmasters & Analytics, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Campaigning etc.

You’ll also learn about various software and applications used for fast and effective internet marketing.

Would I be able to promote any website to top rankings in the Google after this course?

Of course yes, if you would apply the principles and practices taught in the class with suggested SEO plan, you would lead to online success for sure.

Type of website does not matter at all.

Would you cover Social Media Marketing also?

As already mentioned, you would learn basic principles and etiquette of Social Media.

You would not only learn what to do, but also, what to avoid getting maximum benefits from your social media efforts.

How many students are there in one batch?

We’ve 15 seats in one batch.

This is assignment based training where every participant has to discuss in the class; therefore we cannot afford big no. of participants in one batch.

What is the Fee of this course?

Kindly contact 8502-002-002 for the course fee details… Or
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How can I pay fee?

You can pay fee in cash, by cheque, NEFT, or via any digital transfer mode. We do not take admissions more than our seats and we shift students to next batch once the batch is full. Fee is non-refundable and/or non-transferable in any case. We consider that you agree this term while taking admission.

Is there any registration fee?

Yes, You need to book your seat by paying Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) before commencement of the batch.

Do you provide demo class?

We do not believe in demo class kind of concept since in one class you cannot judge the trainer’s ability and knowledge.

Yes, but those who are very new to Digital Marketing Concept can discuss the every aspects of internet marketing, meeting with trainer before joining. This session will help you in taking decision whether this course is for you or not.

Who will take classes?

Internet marketing training classes will be taken by Mr. Parmveer Singh (he’s trained 300+ aspirants from various profiles and backgrounds & earned an esteemed reputation as Digital Marketing & SEO Trainer in Jaipur, Rajasthan)

When Can I join the classes?

Usually we start one batch every month and you should inquire for the next batch timings and date, call directly on 8502-002-002 now. Most of time Date and Time of new batch is displayed on our website.
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Admission Open for Limited Seats!
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I am doing job, what timing will suit to me?

We run three regular batches from (8:00 am to 9:30 am), (6:00 pm to 7:30 pm), and (7:30 pm to 9:00 pm) considering your kind of participants, You can choose your time as per the batch availability. Batch commencement date is generally dependent of completion of previous batch classes. So, it may vary 5-7 days from date of announced date. For further details you should contact our institute.

Can I join weekend classes?

We experimented with weekend classes (Saturday & Sunday 2.5 hrs each) but experienced that it was not much beneficiary for the students.

We conduct 5 days/week regular classes (Mon to Fri).

For greater benefit we would suggest you to join regular sessions but for special case you can consult us.

Do I need to bring laptop in the class?

There is no need to bring laptop in the class. You require only a diary and pen with you.

Class is conducted on 42’ LED screen which remains connected with trainer’s laptop & you can see it live. Our classes are fully interactive.

Will you provide study material also?

We do not provide any printed study material, but will provide classroom notes. And in every class you’ll be suggested some online links for further reading and keeping yourself updated in every aspect of Digital Marketing. Second, our classroom approach is completely practical so every concept you study in class is implemented on a live project/blog/website which you  create yourself in the class.

I have a website. Can you teach me how to do SEO on my website?

Sure. We always appreciate if you already have a website.

We will give you assignments related to your website so that you can immediately implement during this course & see the results. We also discuss them in our consecutive sessions.

I do not own any website right now, how would I learn?

Owning a website is not mandatory but having one is a plus point. So, in most of the cases students create their own website/blog in the class, and learn by implementing strategies on it.

We give you case study and suggest you some links for analysis and suggest the best out of it.

Second, you also learn from the discussion on your batch-mates’ websites.

Do I need to know any programming language?

No. You need some basic understanding of HTML, Website Functionality, and Hosting & Internet. All we teach in our class.

I am not good at English, can I join it?

You don’t require English communication skills. But you must be comfortable in reading and writing English.

There is rumor that SEO is nothing but building keyword links but the reality is far from it.

If you feel tough time with English understanding we would not suggest you this course. Sorry!!

Would you provide any certificate of the course?

Yes. You would be awarded with certificate in Digital Marketing (IDMP – Integrated Digital Marketing Course) after clearing assessment exam. Also we help you to get Google Adwords Certification, so that you name yourself as ‘Google Certified Professional’.

I am already doing job as an SEO, I want to learn advance SEO techniques. Is this course for me?

To get the appropriate answer you need to meet us personally.

We’ll ask you some questions on the basis of which we would give suggestion (don’t worry; we do not justify your joining unnecessarily).

In past, people up to 2.5yrs. of SEO experience have joined & appreciated this course. So do meet us, we’ll give you the honest advice.

I am doing blogging but not getting good traffic, can you teach how to promote my blog?

Sure, many of our students are running successful blogs and making respectable money out of it.

I am a business man & want to start online business. How can you help me?

If you’re planning to start a new vertical as online business, we would strongly advise you to join this course.

Yes we know you won’t be able to do it yourself (even we don’t recommend you) but if you hire an agency or build in-house team you must know what those people are doing.

It’s common fact that most harm is done by these agencies to your website than promoting it (I’m not questioning all the agencies but those which offer low cost SEO services are BIG NO)

I’m an entrepreneur, going to start my own website. I want to learn how to become successful online? How can I be benefited with this course?

Learning effective internet marketing can help you to promote your product or services with limited resources. For more details, you should read this post.

Must Read: 5 Startup Marketing Problems & Why Internet Marketing can Solve them?

This course can help you to understand whole eco-system & enables you to choose the right direction. If you want to start as online entrepreneur, you can not afford to miss this course. These 3 months of training will help you to take your online business to new heights.

I’ve no internet experience & don’t know much about websites, can I learn it?

To join this course and completing it successfully, you

  1. Should be basic internet user (you might be using email, Facebook, Online news etc.)
  2. Should be comfortable in English (reading, writing, communication is not required)
  3. Strong desire to learn it… LEAVE REST on Us.

How can I register myself for this course?

1. Visit our office, fill registration form (Paper Form) deposit INR 1000/- (non-refundable), and book your seat. You can also ask for ‘Early Bird Offer’ in which we offer upto 20% discount in Fee, if you fit into that criteria.

2. Click below button, pay registration fee online.
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And that’s it !

Hope, You might have got most of the answers but is there something which is missed out,

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