What is the Importance of Digital Marketing- Benefits Beyond Sales

Importance of Digital Marketing – Benefits Beyond Sales

importance of digital marketing

After the Green and White revolution, we can say it’s an age of Digital Revolution.

Why digital marketing is growing, well, there are many factors involved or responsible for its growth. We all have been witnessing the change in communication since the advent of the internet. The Internet has unquestionably changed the way of shopping and communicating with the people. Everything has become the fast-paced since whatever you want just shows up at your doorstep with one click.

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If you noticed that all major companies have the online presence today. They are reaching out to the consumers in all the ways possible, that’s the power of digital media today!

The growth of the internet users in the last couple of years is breaking all the stereotypes. The one reason that people love absolutely about the internet is free information and no advertisement which is the main reason for the change in the way marketing is being today, especially on the internet.

Therefore today implementing digital marketing is the mandatory for any business no matter what size it is to survive and thrive. Internet marketing can do wonders if done in a right way or with a strategy.

Few Facts and Figures

Because figures speak the truth than the words, let’s check out the facts and the major factors supporting the remarkable growth of digital marketing in India.

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Increased Internet Users

Though India still has to walk a long way when it comes to the internet penetration as compared to other parts of the world still we cannot ignore the rapid increase of the internet penetration in the last 2-3 years.

It started with the 3G internet and optical fiber and now the 4G internet is changing the whole game.

Increasing Number of Smartphone Users

According to Statista’s Report, “The smartphone industry in India is a growing market with around 36 percent of all Indian mobile users expected to own a smartphone by 2018. The global smartphone penetration forecast shows that around 50 percent of mobile users worldwide are projected to own a smart device by 2018. In comparison, 59 percent of Chinese mobile users and 87 percent of U.S. mobile users are forecast to use a smartphone by 2018.”

Low-cost availability of the handsets is now making it possible for India to have about 600 million internet users which ultimately creates a fascinating business opportunity to offer to a growing population.

Increasing Social media Users in India

Following are the statistics related to the increased involvement of the Indian consumers with the different social media,

  • In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 258.27 million social network users in India, up from close to 168 million in 2016.’
  • The most popular social networks in India were YouTube and Facebook, followed by social app WhatsApp. Facebook is projected to reach close to 319 million users in India by 2021.

Digital India Campaign

digital India

Not to forget the Digital India campaign by Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi, which started with the goal to provide the government service and available to the citizens electronically and make India digitally empowered.

This involves connecting rural areas with high-speed internet networks.

Digital India consists of three core components,

(a) Development of secure and stable digital infrastructure

(b) Delivering government services digitally, and

(c) Universal digital literacy.

Rapidly Changing Consumer Behavior’s

  • Mobile-phone sales and mobile internet connections are likely to show disproportionately high growth rates over the next decade as incomes rise quickly.
  • In the past three years, the number of online buyers has increased sevenfold to 80 million to 90 million.

With the increase in online buyers, we expect the total value of e-retail to reach $130 billion to $150 billion, or 8% to 10% of total sales, by 2025.

Digital Marketing Campaigns by the Leaders

Well, if you have noticed almost all the top notch or leading companies have started to reap the benefits of digital marketing.

It is likely to grow to 55% or more by 2025 when the number of users will likely reach 850 million.

Few Digital Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired From

Amazon India- The Great Indian Freedom Sale

We all know about Amazon, this e-commerce giant ran a really interesting and successful digital marketing campaign “The Great Indian Freedom sale” organized the contest under which there were some fun activities and participants would get the shopping vouchers from the company.

To engage and encourage the people do shopping after 10th of August, the whole campaign was planned in such a way and came up with #10KeBaadKarenge.

Nivea India – “Mom’s Touch”

Nivea just nailed the whole concept of digital marketing by rolling out the campaign on very sensitive and emotional topic which is “motherhood“. Nivea’s Mom’s Touch campaign tried to stir the people by bringing out some extraordinary, selfless stories of the mothers from all over the country. As it was the social media-driven campaign, it enabled the people to share the videos over the social network and donation was done for the girls.

Paper Boat  #FloatABoat

We all know about Paper boat which makes traditional Indian drinks like aam panna, golgappe ka pani, jamun, kala khatta and kokum that is being prepared commonly in any Indian family.

Paper boat rolled out its digital Marketing campaign with a name #FloatABoat.

The campaign was built around the social cause where people have been asked to make a boat and share it on social media by using the #FloatABoat(Title of the campaign). Every time someone shares that on their social media the brand will donate Rs. 20 for children’s education. This campaign was the big success which caused many timelines to be jammed with paper boats.

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3 Benefits of Digital Marketing Other than Sales!

Besides the fact that today digital marketing is an inevitable process of growth for any business, there are some additional benefits that come along even if you are focusing just on the sales or conversions.

#1 Building Healthy Customer Relationship

Today all the leading companies know and understand the fact how social media users can be used to not only build a great relationship but also drive traffic.

As the majority of the youth spend their maximum time on social media, therefore it is a great platform to create a buzz among them.

Many companies use different platforms to Connect with them like facebook, twitter, youtube.

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Solving Consumer Problems via Facebook

#2 Brand Awareness

By brand awareness, we mean the extent to which consumers are familiar with everything associated with the brand like qualities or image, what is stand for, what are the goods or services.


And here Digital marketing is the intelligent and the most economical way to reach all the people and for brand awareness. It takes few minutes to get viral on social media.

Entrepreneur.com defines ‘Branding’ as, ‘The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.’

Now in the age of the internet, where having a digital identity is becoming a necessity. The crucial part of any company who wants to establish as a brand is to have a presence on the internet and all its platforms relevant to the company, for instance, social media platforms, websites, landing pages etc.

#3 Expanding Beyond Boundaries

The beauty of digital media is that gives you the power to connect and reach beyond your physical location. A person running the business in the north can easily target and reach his ideal consumers from south India.

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