Digital Marketing Courses with 100% Job Guarantee - Trap or Truth!

Digital Marketing Courses with 100% Job Guarantee – Trap or Truth!

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"Join the course, Get 100% Placements!"

"100% Job Guarantee In Digital Marketing!"

"Become a Digital Marketing Expert with this Digital Marketing Course!"

All sounds very promising  but... Is it really true?

From the national & international to the small & medium scale companies, mostly all industries are adopting the digital marketing and with so much buzz and demand of the digital marketing professionals, many of you must have decided to make a career in digital marketing.  And for that matter, you must have looked for some digital marketing institutes and online courses. Many of them claiming 100% Job Guarantee.

You've spent 4 Years in B.Tech, 2 Years in MBA, 5 Years in MCA, 3 Years in Graduation, to shape your career & develop skills... if these courses could not guarantee you a job... how a short-term few weeks program can claim '100% Job Guarantee'.

Let's discuss in detail and understand the hidden truth behind such claims.

Do you really get 100% job after the course?

Actually, This article is a true myth buster for the students who are under the impression of getting guaranteed jobs that are also 6 figure, right after any digital marketing course, as it looks likes field of milk and honey from outside and many institutes are painting the picture absolutely wrong.

First of all, understand this...

Digital Marketing is not a Genie!

We don’t want to discourage anyone who is dreaming for the career in digital marketing that will get you a high paying job the instant you finish a course.

Truth is,

Getting a job, high salary or not, all comes down to the individual’s skills of both technical and non-technical.

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Before getting into the trap of '100% Job Guarantee' courses, try to understand the essential skills you need to become employable. Either you already possess those skills, education or that course would help you to develop that all. 

Here are the essential skills and education you must have to get a better job in Digital Marketing or have a stable career in Digital Marketing.

For better understanding, we've assigned a score to each component so that you yourself could judge, if you will get a job after completion of short-term 'Digital Marketing' course or not.

  • A: Digital Marketing Skills - 35%
  • B: English Language Writing & Comm. Skills - 25%
  • C: Digital Marketing Certifications - 10%
  • D: Educational Background (professional like MBA, MCA, B.Tech)  - 15%
  • E: Creative Skills - 10%
  • F: Professional Work Experience - 10%

You can get a Job immediately if you've following combination skills...

100% Job Guarantee: 

  1. A + B + C + D
  2. A + B + C
  3. A + B + D
  4. A + B + E
  5. A + B + F

You May Get a Job: 

  1. A + C + D
  2. A + D + E
  3. A + D + F
  4. A + C + F

You Need to Improve if you don't fit into above combinations. 

It is also not a good idea to just join a course without knowing your current personal skills, goal and interests.

Before following the 100% Job Guarantee Claim, ask yourself if you've other supporting skills or not?

OR do those programs help you to improve other skills simultaneously.

AND Can You improve all desired skills in few Weeks or Hours? 

If not, then its not...

Job Guarantee, It is Job Assistance

Job assistance is more realistic than someone claiming a job guarantee as they have the only intention to build their business.

Many institutes actually do ‘Job Assistance’ but claim ‘Job Guarantee’. Job assistance is actually preparing you for a job and interview through the training program, then it is up to you if you can crack the interview process depending upon your capability and other desired skills.

Even when you finish a course with any institute, the following things will assure a job,

  • Digital skills in each vertical (SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, Content Marketing etc), with more focus on an area of specialization of your interest. (Jack of all and Master of ONE)
  • Understanding of Marketing concepts
  • Excellent English Language skills
  • Digital Marketing Certificates

NOW... Yes, you will get a job!

There is no limit upto how much you can scale in this industry but do not expect a work opportunity without building the right foundation... as we discussed above.

So before choosing any institute which just claims that we will give you job 100% is a red alert.

Placement or job assistance is great, but placement guarantee is making fool out of yourself, if you're not spending adequate time for developing your skills. 

Long Term v/s Short Term Courses in Digital Marketing & It's Benefits. 

Simply look at it this way, three or four years degree program did not guarantee you job so how can a three months course would.

Bottom line

Nothing guarantees anything unless you are market ready, have the necessary skills and aptitude for the job and the field.

Do your research, choose the right institute, keep yourself updated with the latest trends and changes.

If you're looking for a Digital Skill Based program, Join upcoming batch of IDMP (Integrated Digital Marketing Program) which offers Job Assistance.

And.... if You're fresher or undergraduate, your can join One year Full-time digital marketing course UGDDM (Under Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing) and Yes... it offers 100% Job Guarantee 🙂


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