Why Learn Digital Marketing in 2023? (5 Reasons)

Why Learn Digital Marketing in 2023_ (5 Reasons)

Digital marketing is the hottest industry, giving tons of opportunities to anyone and everyone. Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know and decide why should you learn Digital Marketing!
Generally, new people get confused that whether they should study digital marketing or not. Is it worth learning digital marketing? In this article, we are going to clear all your doubts & will give you 5 reasons to learn digital marketing in 2022.

  • Why is Digital Marketing So Important?
  • Why should you learn digital marketing?
  • 1) A Wide Variety of Dynamic Career Opportunities
  • 2) Expected Skill to Have for BBA and MBA Students
  • 3) Will Get You Better Pay and Preference
  • 4) You Can Start Your Own Venture or Creative Project
  • 5) Support Your Family Business

  • Why is Digital Marketing So Important?

    So, we all know that digital marketing is advertising or promotions of products and services using digital platforms.

    why should you learn digital marketing

    Digital marketing existed for a decade but now it has gotten to the forefront and becoming a necessity for every business owner. Why?

    • ‘Statistics indicate that in 2021, Indian internet traffic is evaluated to be 291 times bigger than it was in 2005.’
    • ‘Various studies estimate the growth of digital marketing in India at 25% to 40% annually.’
    • ‘Mobile device users in India is estimated to be 442.7’ (source)
    • Is this a buzzword or just another technological fad? Well, the statistics speak in the favors of digital marketing. There is a huge scope in digital marketing giving you tons of job opportunities.
    • With the growing internet penetration, it is an opportunity as well as a necessity for every business owner small or big, national or international to come on digital platforms.
    • And the soon you join the bandwagon the better it would be. And the ‘First mover advantage’  applies on both today, an employer and employee.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing

    1) A Wide Variety of Dynamic Career Opportunities

    Digital marketing is a good career option. Unlike any other computer course or degree programs, digital marketing gives you a huge scope and multitude of job options. If you compare, you will find these jobs are quite interesting and dynamic.

    Whether its an SEO or SEM,  jobs where you need to have strong analytical and research; Social media and Content marketing require you to be creative and think of out of the box.

    Nobody wants to sit in a cubicle anymore and that’s the greatest advantage of these jobs are that they are location independent and you can start freelancing or consulting after a certain time. Event the jobs at the entry level pays you pretty decent.

    These jobs are perfect for the youth who want fun, thrill, explore and create something new, love challenges and also have freedom in their work. That’s the kind of lifestyle which is possible with a career in digital marketing.

    2) Expected Skill to Have for BBA and MBA Students

    According to the survey of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), 10 percent of graduates being actually employable despite the robust demand for MBAs and According to India Today 93% of MBA Graduates in India are unemployable

    mba unemplyable

    Traditional marketing methods are shifting and enterprises or companies have also started to integrate and implement digital marketing, hence they need people who have an understanding of digital media.

    In the coming future, digital marketing skills will be a prerequisite for any marketing student. Students who start now will have early bird advantage. You can also do the digital marketing course along with your regular degree program, therefore by the time you pass out, you will be industry ready.

    3) Will Get You Better Pay and Preference


    Digital marketing is becoming the most sought-after skill. Being a student if you are pursuing graduation degree like B.com, B.A., digital marketing will get you preference over others and better pay.

    Even now engineering students are also taking digital marketing seriously. It’s not wrong to say that digital marketing is an essential skill now.

    4) You Can Start Your Own Venture or Creative Project

    You must have heard and know YouTuber, blogger, affiliate marketer that are becoming hugely popular among the present generation. Digital marketing plays the huge role there as well.

    Through the knowledge of digital marketing, you can optimize your blog or channel so your audience can find you.

    Besides this digital marketing will also help you to promote your startup at a very low cost and you have total control, and can measure and reach your consumer sitting another corner of the world or country.

    5) Support Your Family Business

    family business

    Well, what is the best way to help your father in his business? If not all, you can learn social media marketing to begin with and can create better customer relationships, brand image, etc. or you can also join workshops for elementary knowledge and then join the whole program.

    Other than these obvious reasons, there are a few other reasons that you just cannot ignore and make excuses that why you cannot do a course in digital marketing.

    • Short-Term Course– Digital marketing courses are the least time taking. You can enroll yourself in 3 monthly program, where you invest just 2-3 hours a day. 

    Also, Read Our blog on Short Term Courses in Digital Marketing vs Long Term Courses

    • Many digital marketing institutes also organize free seminars and workshops on different subjects.
    • Affordable– Unlike other degree programs, digital marketing courses are quite affordable. Can do it online and offline- there is a number of options available as per your requirement. If you don’t want to do classroom training, go to online classes.
    • There is also available an option for freshers to excel in this field even if he doesn’t know anything about it, he/she can go for 1 Year Diploma Course in Digital Marketing as here they can get every aspect of the field.

    Conclusion – Why Learn Digital Marketing?

    So these were some reasons why you should learn digital marketing. Hope these were enough to help you make the right decision for your career. If you want to learn more about the courses provided by Quibus Trainings you can check out Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur. If this article helped you, do share it with others who want to learn digital marketing.

Parmveer Singh Sandhu

Parmveer Singh Sandhu

He is the Founder & Chief Mentor at Quibus Trainings. His story is an inspiration to many millennials. From being a physics teacher to founding two companies was not a piece of cake. Recently, he was awarded ‘Times Power Icon Award of 2022’ from ‘Times of India’ for his quality work in digital marketing training.
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