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Digital Marketing Offline Course VS Online Course

digital marketing online vs offline
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Are you wondering and confused whether to go for an online digital marketing course or the offline one.

Is offline is better than the online? Today’s blog post is dedicated to giving you an idea about which one to choose!

We all know how the internet is changing our lives hence the consumer behavior which is why digital marketing has become inevitable for any business.

Many international brands have already started to take this seriously and you can see them playing so aggressively on social media and other digital platforms. On digital marketing platforms, there is something for every business owner, a local salon or cafe can reap greater benefits than using the traditional media or doing nothing at all which is a worst-case scenario.

We are glad that you have decided to make the career in digital marketing assuming that you already know the vast scope and various job opportunities in India.

Starting now will give you an early bird or first mover advantage.

Now coming to your dilemma about where to do your digital marketing course from? Which course is better online or offline?

To begin with there are few points that you have to get clear on,

  1. Identify your need and objective
  2. How much time do you have?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Do you already have some basic knowledge about digital marketing?

When you have worked on above points and know exactly what do you want, let’s take you further.

Well, both ways of learning have its own pluses and minuses but offline or classroom course has some extra advantage that is not there for the online classes.

Before you go further there choosing a right digital marketing institute is also important. It doesn’t matter if its an online or offline course, many institutes are burgeoning knowing the future.

Digital marketing Online course


-It Gives You Time Flexibility and is Location Independence


So for those who are working or have some other reason because of which they are unable to go to the institute, they can enroll in online courses which allows them to learn from anywhere. Digital Marketing is an easy computer course and one can easily learn it online. 

-Good for Professionals as They Have Less Time to Invest.

Most online courses don’t offer in-depth knowledge. It is also difficult to gain a practical and deeper understanding of tools and subject. So, it can be beneficial for professionals who already have basic knowledge about it.

-You Get Your Lecture Recorded

record lectures

For any reason, if you miss your lecture you can always listen to the lecture you get in form of audio.


-Difficulty in Sorting Queries or Doubt Clearance

As the time is limited and there are other attendees also, the way the doubts are resolved cannot clear every query of each student.

-High-Speed internet is Really Important

Well, this point is self-explanatory, you know how frustrating anyone can feel when the Internet speed is slow.

-Increased Learning Curve

When you are learning in an offline class or any institute, you can get your queries solved at the same time. You can discuss your assignments and get more clarity as compared to assignments sent via mail and then be getting a reply via mail.

-Limited Exposure

When you learn something from a trainer in person along with the other trainees who are different background your thought process expands and you learn more than the course, which is not much supported while you learn online.

-Slightly Expensive Compared to Offline Courses

Online Course is comparatively Expensive.

Digital Marketing Offline Course


-Shorter Learning Curve

learning curve

You are under the direct guidance of a trainer, hence the learning is quick.

-You Get to Interact With Other Students and Professionals


You meet new people, connect and network, therefore you learn from their experiences too. Each individual brings different perspectives and challenges which leads to interesting discussions.

-Quick and Easy Doubt Clearance

doubt clearance

Unlike the online class, you can have the thorough discussion on your problems and it is easier to get your queries solved in the classroom setting than the online class.     

-Affordable Fee

Most offline classes are affordable as compared to the online classes.


-Location Dependency

So this is a limitation for the students and professionals who are not from the same town and want to join a particular institute located in the different city.

-Classes are Longer

offline course

Institutes which offer offline training generally have classes for more than two hours a day and five times a week, so this might be a problem for those who don’t want to invest so much time.


Summing up all, Online courses are great as it provides the flexibility, you can learn the same thing for free resources available online. For more deep and practical learning, join a good digital marketing training institute.

better career

Along with it, one should also be clear about short term and long term course which will immensely affect their learning.

Hope this article helped you to get a clear vision of Online & Offline courses, visit our blog for such more informatory articles and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

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