Certification Courses in Digital Marketing- The Facts and Myths!

Certification Courses in Digital Marketing- The Facts and Myths!

Digital Marketing Certification Courses are the hottest topic among the enthusiasts of this field and the students who want to make a career in this ever-growing field. Currently, Digital Marketing is not only the fastest-growing field in the world but it is also the future of marketing. Digital Marketing has made its significance in a lot of fields and industries. Although, it’s new in India but spreading rapidly.

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The persons who are expecting Digital Marketing as their career have new and vast career opportunities. They also have active embracement from the companies as well because the persons having certificates of Digital Marketing have more weighted CV than an expert without the expertise proof.

If you are a fresher or you just want to add digital marketing skills to your profile to have more weight in your resume, then the best way is to join a digital marketing course in Jaipur and develop the digital skills. But if you only want to earn the certifications just to showcase, then you don’t need to join any institutes or any paid courses for it. But instead, you can get them on your own for ‘Free’.

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Importance of Certifications in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the best computer course after 12th and graduates in current scenario if a person is not a techy. When any Organization employees a fresher, they first check if the candidate has certifications or not. Companies receive hundreds of such resumes which define their expertise in the Digital Marketing field but only a few are selected from the heap of CVs. And of course, the CVs having certifications got more weightage over certificateless CVs.

But it doesn’t mean that the certificates are the entry pass for any company because many of the certificates provided by institutes are baseless. The company considers them as similar to a CV without any certificate.

Certificates can give you privilege if you have got the certificates from any reputed institute or company, or you have earned it from Google. In this case, your CV will have the highest weight among all of the CVs

Truth Behind the Certification Courses in Digital Marketing

There are many offline institutes that provide certification courses of Digital Marketing and claim that they also provide Google Certification from their institute. And giving the so-called ‘Google Certification’ reason, they tend to charge a very high amount from the student or the trainee who join their course.

Institutes take advantage because of the Importance of Certification of Digital Marketing Course which we have discussed above. And they fool students by charging a large amount for certifications.

Facts and Myths About the Certification Courses in Digital Marketing in India

There are some important points about Digital Marketing Certifications which you must remember before getting into such kind of Phishing Trap-

  • Google Certificates are free and you yourself can get google certification through the exam which is conducted online by Google itself. So, you need nowhere to go and no one to pay for certifications.
  • Institute can’t even provide you Google Certificates as google exams must be cleared for any of the certificates.
  • Suppose the Institute provides you Google Certificate without letting you sit in the exam, even then also, you need to go through the Interview part. Where you will require your own skill to crack that interview. Because company requires knowledge whether you are virtuous for that certificate or not.

What Can be Done?

Yes! There is a need for an institute where a person who wishes to go in Digital Marketing Field can be prepared for Certifications like Google. But that does not mean we choose any institute which made you feel a regrettable decision.

Digital Marketing needs skilled professionals who have experience of working and that obviously wouldn’t be possible from a 3-month course. So, instead of choosing a short-term course like this, you can choose a Diploma Course which promises you to give a skilled and professional knowledge which may lead you to the best certification as well as the best company by your own.

UGDDM which is Under Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing gives you a 1 Year Program which provides you with 6 months of Practical Training of Projects. So that each individual can get ample opportunity to explore each vertical of Digital Marketing. And that’s how you can become a Professional in this field. So, instead of going anywhere else, you can join UGDDM course which is being provided by Quibus Academy.  

This 1 Year Diploma Program of Digital Marketing from Quibus Academy will provide you-

  • 1000+ hours of classes
  • 50+ Modules for your knowledge
  • 5 Live Projects to make you skilled professional
  • 14 Valuable Certificates which will never be hard for you to gain after performing the above program.

After completing this UGDDM program, you will be eligible to work for one of the Job profile of –

  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Community Manager
  • PPC Executive
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Sales Expert
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager

Hope you have Understood the consequences of these Certification Programs in Digital Marketing. If you really want to learn, choose the best for you. If you are already a master of this field, you can prepare yourself at home also and you don’t have to go to any institute for that. But If you are new to this field or have less knowledge about the Digital Marketing, you can go for above-mentioned Diploma Course which will give you all vertices of Digital Marketing and best source to become a Professional Digital Marketer even before completing your graduation

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