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Guest Posting Guidelines

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Write for usDo you enjoy writing about a particular topic or interest in our niche? We love guest author/bloggers. We are looking for experienced writers who can write quality posts on

Note: You must be owner of a blog if you want to get linked from your posts. Internet Marketers or SEOs are not allowed to link their affiliate or client sites.

Blog Posts should be related to:

  1. Internet marketing, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Online Branding, Viral Marketing etc.
  2. Blogging tips, Blogging tools, Guest Blogging, Content Writing, Copy Writing.
  3. Web Designing, Web design Inspiration, Photoshop, Advance HTML, CSS Tips, Web Design Tools.
  4. WordPress Tools, WordPress press Plugins, WordPress Tips & Tricks, WordPress Optimization, WordPress Development.
  5. PHP tips & tricks, PHP tutorials, PHP small projects, PHP scripts, PHP open source projects, PHP Tools.
  6. How to Tutorials – On any above mentioned topics

Please contact us if you would like us to consider you. Make sure you provide us details of your own blog and links of your previously written guest posts.

Rules and Guidelines:

Guest Posting Rules and Guidelines The rules are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of site remains high. However the rules are simple to follow by professional bloggers.

      1. Post Frequency Rule: Sorry, but currently we’ve plan to accept maximum of two posts per month per author. In future this frequency may be increased.
      2. Post Length Rule: Users love well researched, focused and exhaustive blog posts, so as we. All guest posts must be a minimum of 700 words in content and should cover the topic in detail.
      3. Post Formatting Rule: Structure your posts into small paragraphs with headings and sub titles, bullet points, and block quotes.
      4. Rich Media Rule: Images speaks thousand words. Do add relevant images to make your blog post more visually appealing. (Free to use or owned by you or give credit to image source.) Minimum of 2 images are mandatory with every blog post.
      5. Quality Rule:
        • Write for audience and not for search engines. It must cover the topic in detail. Must be your original work, should not be copied and re-formatted smartly. We use online tools for checking plagiarism and content duplication.
        • The post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web including your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content)
        • We take quality as one of the major condition in accepting guest posts.
      6. Self Promotion Rule:
        • Author bio should be short and brief. This will help you making your position strong as a professional blogger.
        • Your profile must have your picture in Gravatrar. (You won’t get approved if you don’t have)
        • We already add a byline and your profile will be visible below your post. So don’t add anything for self promotion or promoting and paid or paid service.
        • In addition to that you can also place your social networking profile links there which may bring you more fans and followers for sure.
      7. Links Rule:
        • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts. We appreciate and respect good writers and give quality backlinks in return of your post but please do not expect placement of any of your affiliate links in our blog. We strictly won’t allow that.
        • You can include up to 2 links in your profile (which will appear within author bio at the bottom of the article). Links must point to your personal blog.
        • Within the first two third of the article, you must include links to a live article. (Keyword and url of your choice, not main page.)
        • You may include links within the article, but they must be relevant resources to the article and topic discussed and highly desirable. Do not submit or write articles around a topic just to get a link placed within the article. Maximum of two outbound resources per post (nofollow).
      8. Comments Rule: Comments are the conversation and when your article is published. Reply on comments within 48 hours is mandatory, if you do not reply within this time limit, links from your story and any credit will be removed.
      9. Copyright Rule:
        • We respect everyone work. In case we found out that you have copied post from somewhere. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts and comments.
        • By submitting posts to, you give us the copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with any kind of DMCA related issues
        • We reserve the right to remove links, edit the post as needed (for example to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this blog. We also host the right to accept or reject our post.

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